Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arts and Photos

Hi Jammers! I'm so sorry for not posting today. I was kind of busy. Anyway, I made a new blog-just for my art! ^.^ Please view it, follow it, and comment on it! XD You can visit it by clicking on the new paintbrush graphic on the side of the blog made by the retired vms915. Enjoy!!


  1. Col! I'll look at it!


    Okay, so there's this new update and blah blah blah. But you might have noticed something when you click on the shop icon on the map:
    There. Are. THREE. Shops. In. Coral. Canyons.
    Strange that they didn't mention it in the news, no?
    Well, that's because it's a SECRET SHOP.
    It's VERY similar to the one in the Play As Your Pet party.
    The shop is located above the Den Shop, and right now, you can reach it (and also walk in the sky XD) by moving with your keys! The items are all quite expensive, I bought all of them except for the two clothing hanging thingies.


    Hey Nafi you're a fat panda hahaha nerd hahahaha nerd nerd nerd.
    XD don't worry I don't bully ppl, that's a little joke between us XD

  3. Coolio! :3


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