Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shark Necklace

Hi everyone! Today's returning item is the Shark Tooth Necklace, in Bahari Bargains.

Watch out when you wear this, because that tooth looks like a razor!

If you tend to peek at my player card today, you may notice that most of my animals have items off of them. That's because I traded off most but not all my rares to a storage account for safety, if the hacker aims for me, which I bet within a few weeks or days he will. The great part about it is that the account with my items on it is linked to a different email and dashboard, so the hacker will never likely find my items.

If I do get hacked, I may have to great a new username to prevent myself from being hacked ever again. Back in December, when I assumed I was about to be hacked, I had collected some ideas for new usernames from my friends and myself.

Well, it's time for me to run. Adios.

-nafaria9 who is lazy not to use a signature.


  1. I hope you don't get hacked! I accually believe you won't as long as you have a secure password. I reccomend making them somewhat long and having stuff in them only you know. There's tons of people that will be at your side, and I'm definentally one of those people!
    ~ animals352

  2. Dens knows my username. ;-; I traded all of my good stuff to my storages, which you (Nafaria) may already know. Let's keep our paws crossed that these hackers hopefully decide to aim for a better reputation! ^.^

  3. It's pointless to change your user 'cause if you announce it on your blog, well, the hacker is obviously aiming at bloggers, and he'll/she'll see it.

    1. Yes, but Eevee wasn't a blogger.Good idea, I guess. I honestly don't care about rares, they're mainly worthless to me now, even though I still keep them..

  4. -.- Hackers... This is all ridiculous. When I was hacked, I did change my username, but I actually didn't want to change my username because I wanted the hacker to find me, because I wanted to catch the hacker. Whoo, long sentence. But go away, hackers!

  5. Hackers have to change their reputations. Here's [a whatever you wanna call it] to explain my feelings of hackers.
    They need to build better reputations.
    They need to come out of the darkness, and into the light.
    They need to open their eyes, and see the world.
    They need to live, and give up the pixels.

  6. I'm really worried with all this hacking mumbo jumbo stuff going on. What if I get hacked? What if my buddies get's hacked? It's all black and white right now for me, I don't know where to turn, with hackers hacking hackers, I just feel like I've been sucked up in all this chaos. I wish life was simple again, without the fear of hackers, and just fun jamming with buddies. But knowledge can be hurtful, now I'm to scared to even talk to my buddies, for fear that they have been hacked.

    Oh what do I do? Does any one else feel this way?

    ~Anymous, but some know me as Eel.

    1. Believe me, I was hacked twice...
      1. Already get a storage account.
      2. Get your best buddies to buddy you on it (not the buddies you don't even remember if you ever talked to them once).
      3. Transfer your best items.
      4. If you DO get hacked, log on to this account and tell your buddies that it's you (they should know your alt username XD).
      5. There's nothing more you can really do... ):

      The first time I got hacked, I was really, really sad. I cried like the whole day, but I got over it. I transfered a bunch of stuff from my other account (no, not a storage, just a random account) but I didn't have all my rares back.
      Then after like 3 months or so I got hacked AGAIN. Then I was REALLY upset :I
      But I didn't quit yet :3
      The only advice I can really give you is...
      Stay strong.



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