Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scamming Protest

Hello Jammers. *3* I don't feel like posting the new item today, which is a Clover Blanket. Besides, what's the point of posting the new item if everyone else has already looked at other blogs? I don't post in the mornings, anyway. :P

So, today I met creepersofthenethter. He and I tried to sort out the clues of Misty's hack, and came up with a plan, but that's not quite what this post is about.

He suggested we do a Scamming Protest this Saturday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time at Jamaa Township in server Bakoy. I'd be leading, of course--but now I'm looking for people who would be interested in joining. Meh, let's just wing it. Show up, and do a protest with us. Don't show up, and not do a protest. 'Kay?

Here is the party invitation:

It's only a week away, so prepare yourselves for a lot of fun! XD

Alright. Bye!


  1. I'm so excited! I'll try to come.

  2. i'll join your scamming protest but i can't make it i have to go to my grandparents house! and i think i can make it to your party. one other thing, i am very nervous. you're probably wondering why. tomorrow we have the biggest test of the year. *gulp* the writing SOL, so wish me luck!-cyacheer

  3. Aww, I wish I could go, but unfortunately I can't. I have viola lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so it's always hard for me to log onto Animal Jam. D:

    I still FULLY support the Scamming Protest, though! WOOT!

    1. We'll miss you and everyone else who can't come :(

  4. I cant go its too early D: anyway, I finished something horrible called ISTEP, so..... I need a break :P


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