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The Tale of Captain Sillybird

The Tale of Captain Sillybird

An Animal Jam Lesson by nafaria9

Mira was missing. Zios had disappeared long ago. The Alphas were weak; their powers had been drained from their bodies by the Phantom King. They only had one thing left to do-recruit Captain Sillybird, the bravest of all, to save Jamaa!

But all that still remained a dream. Captain Sillybird still lived in the same old hut with the same old chores. She wore the same old clothes everyday for her life and ate the same fruit and rice pudding. She also had another problem-Princess Daisyroo.

That screwy, rich bully and her friends always bragged, teased, and acted like they were better than everyone else in front of Captain Sillybird.

“Her flip-flops look like a moldy crescent roll with all of those cracks in them!”

“Her lei is wilting! It’s probably because the flowers are breathing in too much POORNESS!”

Each and every day, Captain Sillybird had to live through about 20 rude comments whenever she visited Jamaa Township.

Princess Daisyroo practically LIVED on the left bridge in Jamaa Township that leads to the Appondale. Like the other “rare” Jammers, Princess believes the bridge is for “gifted”, “special”, and “rare” people only. If you set paw/hoof/flipper on the bridge when Princess was around, you’d most likely get beat up by her and her little followers.

“I wish I were cool,” Captain muttered as the dark memories of Princess filled her mind while she was sweeping the kitchen that evening. Captain breathed and looked at her happy Malamud named Rocky. “ROCKY DOG!” she gasped when she noticed a brown blob on the tile. “You’re supposed to poop OUTSIDE, not INSIDE!” Captain stomped furiously. How could this day get any worse?  She thought. Captain looked through the cabinets to find some old newspapers for Rocky. Annoyed, Captain stacked the newspapers on the floor and scolded Rocky. “You will learn where to go and where not to go to the bathroom by using these newspapers for a week,” she said. “If I see you doing your stuff somewhere other than these newspapers, then it’s newspaper-bathroom for a month. Do you understand!?” Rocky sadly agreed with a whimper and padded over to his bed. Captain sighed. The day was coming to a close, finally. “Bedtime!” Captain announced. Rocky was already fast asleep.
For a whole week, like Captain had commanded, Rocky only used the newspapers when he needed to use a bathroom break. “Congratulations, Rocky!” Captain hugged her dog. She was in a much happier mood than usual. “This afternoon I will go out to Claws ‘N Paws to purchase you a new bed as a present. I’ve luckily saved up for this type of celebration.” Captain’s cheerful mood faded away as she realized she would have to cross the bridge in Jamaa Township to get to Claws ‘N Paws-and that’s where Princess Daisyroo and her friends hung out. But, Captain had always dreamed of being the most courageous hero in all of Jamaa, so if this is the kind of situation a hero would face, Captain found the upcoming moment as a moment of practice for when her dream came true.
The cobblestone road was busy with Jammers:
“Visit the Sarepia Forest for a Clan! Wolves and bunnies only!”
“Trade me!”
“Do you want to play Falling Phantoms with me?”
It was quite hard to tell one Jammer from another, since they were all bunched up. The only Jammers that stood out of the crowd were Princess Daisyroo and her two friends Queen Sneezybelle and Fabulous Fancyflower. They were giggling and pointing at Jammers. They rudely commented on a panda being very poor, a tiger with only one item, and Jamaa’s newest accessories. Captain took a deep breath. It took all of her bravery as she waddled closer and closer to Princess. She found herself face-to-face with annoyed looks from Princess and her friends. “What’s your problem?” Princess asked. “Umm….” Captain gulped. Her voice trailed off into “umms”. “I n-need to get to C-Claws ‘N Paws to b-buy my dog a new bed. May I c-cross your b-bridge?” “I hope you’re not stupid enough to think we’d let a loser like you cross our bridge,” Queen snorted. Captain puffed out her chest and rolled her eyes. “Since when did this bridge belong to you?” she retorted. “You’ve got no right to think that you’re more special than any of us just because you’re wealthy. I suggest you leave this bridge or you’re going to feel what it’s like to be beaten up by a penguin!” Princess and her gang laughed like they never had before. “Is that so?” Fabulous licked her paw. “I’d just like to let you know that we aren’t fat like you. I bet you can’t even see your toes because of all that pudding you eat!” Everyone started chuckling again. This time, most of the crowd in the big stone circle laughed as well. Captain felt like crying as the humiliating points and laughs boomed in her ears.

That night, Captain snuggled up in her pink bed and put a striped pillow on her head. Tears streamed down her face as the horrid thoughts of earlier that day drenched her soul. Am I really fat? Am I really poor? Do I actually make people look embarrassed whenever I’m seen with another being? Captain felt like screaming. “AM I REALLY THAT HORRIBLE!?” she yelped. Somberly, Captain cried louder. “I WISH I WERE BLIND SO I CAN’T SEE THE STARES I GET WHENEVER I’M IN TOWN. I WISH I WERE DEAF SO I CAN’T HEAR THE RUDE STATEMENTS AND LAUGHS OF MY ENEMIES. WHAT PURPOSE DO I HAVE IN JAMAA IF NOBODY EVER WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND!?” It’s hopeless. Captain thought. I bet I am here in Jamaa for no reason at all. Everyone just wants to laugh and point at me to make me feel bad about myself. I guess it’s best to stay locked up in my room and die of thirst and hunger. A scratch came from the door. “C-come in,” she said. It was her pet dog Rocky. “Oh, Rocky,” Captain sighed. The Malamud jumped onto her bed and wiggled his way through Captain’s flipper. Captain and Rocky both fell fast asleep.

“Hello?” Captain looked around. She was stuck in a dark forest filled with fog and scary noises. “Is anyone there?” Nothing answered except a caw of a crow. Captain shuddered. Was she alone?

Captain squinted for a source of light. Her eyes locked on a bright, yellow dot. Captain waddled as fast as her webbed feet could take her. The dot grew bigger as she ran. Finally, once the dot was as big it could ever be, Captain closed her eyes and stepped through some vines. She found herself in a beautiful, botanical clearing with flowers, insects, gazebos, and benches. The sun’s rays streamed down until they hit the soft, green Earth. Captain dove on the grass and began to wave her flippers, making a grass angel. Then she jumped for a patch of chrysanthemums, zinnias, tulips, and roses. Captain sniffed the heavenly scent of the fresh flowers. Only a limited portion of dew was left on their bright petals.

After taking a good look around the garden, Captain decided to take a break and explore the rest of the clearing later. Captain plopped on a bench in the neon green gazebo. A wisp of wind brought together plant bits and stardust, creating them into a transparent stairway. A brownish-yellow horse wearing a green leather jacket and a blue necklace magically leaped down the stairs. “Who are you?” Captain asked the ghost-like mare. “My full name is Blossom Magichorse,” the creature calmly replied. “You may call me Blossom. Yes, you might have guessed why my last name is ‘Magichorse’. I, of course, am magical. I sent the leaves and petals to form my staircase so I could reach you. I hear your thoughts and I know your experiences well. I’m your Fairy Godhorse. You seem to have been quite distant between a girl named Princess lately, haven’t you? This diamond necklace I am wearing could be the key to unlocking the gate to fame and respect. Here, take it. Use with it, what you must….”

Blossom began to float away along with every leaf, petal, and mineral of fresh magic. The garden began to wilt into crippled, crunchy dust. “Use with it, what you must….” The voice trailed off once more. Captain woke up, breathing heavily.  “Oh, phew,” she wiped her forehead. “It was all just a dream.” Captain looked down on her chest and saw the exact same necklace she had been gifted in her sleep. Captain screamed in surprise. “Did my dream actually come true?” she asked herself. “Am I really destined to become popular with this gift?” Captain sprang off her bed, got dressed, took a pear from the fruit bowl, and ran out the door. She couldn’t wait for the photos and attention to stream in.

Captain held her beak in the air, trying to show off her gorgeous, glossy necklace. “Wow! Ooh!” the crowd whispered into one another’s ears. Pretty soon the whole town was gossiping about how Captain Sillybird turned dust into diva. Captain posed for every camera and signed every autograph. What a life!  She thought. I could get used to this!  The only Jammers who weren’t circled around Captain were Princess Daisyroo and her followers. They were glaring at Captain from across the padded, stone pathway.

Captain spent the rest of the day traveling land to land, explaining her new change in life with her gleaming necklace. She visited the penguins, seals, and arctic wolves of Mt. Shiveer, the turtles, sharks, dolphins, and octopuses of Crystal Sands, the elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, cheetahs, and lions of Appondale, the raccoons, horses, and wolves of Sarepia Forest, the pandas, the monkeys, and the tigers of Lost Temple of Zios, and the kangaroos of Kimbara Outback. By late afternoon, the whole world of Jamaa knew Captain Sillybird’s story!

After a long day full of sweat, excitement, and the introduction to fame, Captain Sillybird arrived to her old home. Rocky was delighted to see Captain. He jumped onto her legs and barked. “I love you too, Rocky,” Captain said. “Today was an ultimate change in life! 361 autographs have been signed and over 2,000 pictures were taken. I bet my picture will be in the Jamaa Journal! This diamond necklace I got from Blossom has granted me the wish of my life, hasn’t it?”

Captain’s diamond necklace thoughts were swept out of her mind as a memory brushed them out. Captain remembered that her past dream was to help Jamaa in its greatest needs, not to gain popularity. Captain wondered if the diamond necklace she had been gifted was to help her in achieving this dream, and gladly accepted the idea.

Captain glanced at her chipped alarm clock. It was 9:21 pm. “I’ve lost track of time!” Captain squealed. “I was supposed to be in bed 21 minutes ago!” Captain jumped on her bed, got under the covers, and shut her eyes.

Captain’s mind drifted into the same dream she had the day before. Captain dreamed she had woken up in the same spot in the same gazebo, where she met Blossom Magichorse. The same wisp of wind brushed the leaves and petals, forming a curving staircase. Captain’s heart rang. Blossom had come back.

“Blossom!” Captain called out to the magical mare. “Oh, hello,” Blossom turned around and looked at Captain’s black eyes. “I’m glad you’ve decided to visit my garden again. I have important news.” Blossom trotted over to Captain and sat on the bench on the opposite side of Captain. The blue penguin impatiently asked, “What kind of news?” “Very well,” Blossom nodded. “I sense you cannot wait any longer. Anyway, I’ve seen that you enjoy the necklace I gave you. You have used it for power and fame, and I am very proud of that. I expect you to continue to use your necklace wisely. You have shown a great example of that today. My only warning is that the ones left out of the jam most likely will be the ones to scam. Good luck, dear.” Blossom faded away with the wind. “Good luck….”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Captain’s alarm clock went off. Captain reached over and pressed the “off” button. “Aah,” Captain stretched and yawned. “Time to get ready for another amazing day!” Rocky panted and barked beneath Captain’s feet. “Rocky!” Captain picked up her Malamud and danced around. “I’ve been sent another dream by Blossom Magichorse! She says I’m doing a great job with using my diamond necklace. She’s also got a warning for me: ‘The ones left out of the jam most likely will be the one to scam.’ Whatever it means, I know one thing: Let’s start asking people for items, so we can recycle them in for gems! We’d eventually become the wealthiest Jammers in all of Jamaa! What do you think, Rocky?” Rocky whimpered a disagree. “Aw, come on,” Captain said. “You’re just scared to admit it. You stay here. I’ve got a lot of work to do today!”

When Captain stepped out of her house, a mob was around her door. They were asking questions about the diamond necklace and taking pictures. “How did you receive your necklace? How do you feel with this new resolution?” “Thanks for all the questions,” Captain pointed her beak in the air and sat down on a chair on the porch. “In order for me to give you answers, you must pay me with an item. It can be Rare, Beta, or even store-bought. But, the store-bought items must be 400 gems and up. Got it? Now go!” The mob dashed away within a few seconds.

Several minutes later, in little groups, the mob returned with various types of items. There were Rare Item Mondays, such as a Rare skull helmet, Rare kelp skirt, and Rare elf cuffs. There were store-bought items, such as sandboxes, HD televisions, rectangular coffee tables, and lava lamps. The hardest question was worth a Beta basketball. It was only 9:06 am, and Captain had just received tons of new items!
“Ha!” Captain laughed. “I could get used to this! With my diamond necklace, I can get almost any item I want! Now the tough part is, what DO I want? Let see….umm….” Captain looked around. There wasn’t really anything she wanted. It was probably because she’d never thought about it before because she never believed she’d get famous and rich. Captain was disappointed. If she had known about the diamond necklace beforehand, she would have definitely been prepared.

Captain waddled to Jamaa Township. Another crowd was waiting for Captain beside the right bridge. “Captain, Captain!” they hollered. “Go away, please,” Captain waved her flipper away. “I’ve got a few errands to run.” “Oh, please, wait!” a partial number of the crowd chased after Captain. “We’ll do the errands for you! We’ll do anything you ask, since you are so popular and cool!” Captain nodded in definite agreement. “Yes,” she said, thinking quickly about what “errand” she was talking about. “That would be great! I had planned to stop by Claws ‘N Paws to get my dog a new bed. I’m sure it wouldn’t take up much of your day for a few of you to bring me back a yellow and white dog bed, right?” “Yeah!” they excitedly concurred. “Off you go then!” Captain shooed. “Don’t forget extra fuzz!”

A sweaty pair of Jammers came back to Captain within a matter of time. Captain was busy answering more questions. “There you are!” they shouted. “Hello!” Captain plastered a jagged smile on her face. “I hope you didn’t get carried away to look at those adorable frogs they just got in.” “Mira, no!” a monkey shook her head. “We did exactly as you demanded. Although, you have a point about the frogs. I bet the rest of the crew is gushing over them right now!” Captain giggled. “Anyway,” a black bunny with light brown eyes dug through a Jamaasian plastic bag and pulled out a folded, luxurious bed. “Here’s the bed you asked for. It’s foldable, comfortable, and smells like strawberries!” “Thank you!” Captain grabbed the bed. “Rocky will be so happy.” “Bye, Captain Sillybird!” a young cheetah called out as her mom pulled her away.

The small clock hanging on the Jammer Central billboard ticked. 12:00 pm, it read. I need to remember the main reason I’m here,Captain felt guilty. She hadn’t come to Jamaa Township to be bothered by fans. She wanted to show Princess Daisyroo what being left out with a hurt heart is like. Captain gratefully wiped her forehead. All of the Jammers were out for lunch-except Princess. Captain fixed her necklace and pointed her beak high. Captain walked in front of Princess, spun around, and put her flippers on her hips. “It seems like you’ve lost your career,” Captain spat. “You deserve it. In fact, you only deserve this feeling and nothing else! Your face is painful enough to even look at!” The pink fox’s face looked as if it was about to explode. “It’s your own fault!” Princess snarled. “If you didn’t lie about some stupid horse giving you a necklace in your dreams, none of this would have happened. Sooner or later you’re going to realize that you’re just a worthless penguin. Your brain is so small it fits perfectly in a pinto bean!” “At least I have a brain!” Captain slammed one last insult. “I’ve always wondered why you are covered in a pattern of hearts, because it’s obvious you don’t have a heart at all!” Princess furiously snatched Captain’s diamond necklace. “NO!” Captain screamed as Princess took out one of her golden arrows and sliced the diamonds into pieces. “You just got served a piece of my mood,” Princess innocently grinned. “I hope to not see you around!” Princess picked up her lacy pink purse and skipped away, leaving Captain Sillybird crying.
The next day, the header of the Jamaa Journal was titled:
Bawling on the Bridge
Captain left to cry?
The basic story was that Captain Sillybird was found weeping on the same bridge that Princess Daisyroo is found sitting on. Captain’s most prized item, her diamond necklace, was sliced into pieces. Some of the News Crew members interviewed several Jammers about their opinion of who may be sinister enough to committing this crime.

Though the diamond necklace was nothing more than bits, some of Captain’s old enthusiasts were knocking rapidly on her door. They started to yell, but Captain just ripped the newspaper into tiny portions and angrily wadded the newspaper into a ball. Captain hurled the wad at the window and slammed the blinds shut. She then flung herself back onto her bed, tears streaming down her eyes. It was already 9:00 pm, so Captain sighed and fell asleep.

Captain had completely forgotten that she’d step onto the soft grass in her dreams again. Captain awoke on the same bench in the same gazebo in the same sweet, mythical garden. Only, this time, different petals arranged into a different pattern to form a different shaped staircase. Blossom Magichorse pranced down the staircase as if she knew the stairs so well. I’m positive she’ll yell at me for losing my gift, Captain’s soul sank. She knew it was to give me pride. What will happen next?  “Hello!” Blossom excitedly jumped around and clumsily bucked a pot of lilies over. “Oops!” Blossom nervously giggled and fixed the pot. “Nevermind that. Anyway, I will be visiting your dreams for quite a while now. Don’t worry, I will help you my best in the greatest of circumstances.” Blossom held up a newspaper that looked like the same horrific paper with the terrible article of Captain’s lost necklace. “I’ve heard that your necklace was broken. I understand, therefore it was never your fault. I am not angry or mad about it occurring, so I will grant you another gift.” Blossom reached out a golden tiara. Captain nervously grasped the tiara gently and placed it upon her head. “It fits beautifully,” said Blossom. “I will see you again soon.”

Captain awoke that morning and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, the golden tiara was still remaining on her head. “Whoa!” Captain gasped. “Is this still a dream?” Captain pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Pain surged through her blood. She wasn’t dreaming anymore. The tiara was there, on her head, at 8:51 am. It was there, and she knew it.

This time Captain would be more careful. She’d want to present her tiara to the world and make sure everyone knew that Captain Sillybird is no longer the poor penguin she once was-again. But she’d also want a few changes, so that she wouldn’t be trampled all the time by fans. Suddenly, the idea hit her. She’d place the tiara in her precious glass box on her marble pedestal, which she obtained both from fan gifts. The tiara wouldn’t be damaged, and Captain could have a little break from answering questions about her tiara by placing a “Notes for Captain Sillybird” box. Jammers could write Captain a note with their questions, and Captain could answer them in the evening when the Tiara Showcase, as Captain had decided to call it, closed for the day. It was pure genius!

Captain ran to Jamaa Township and started to spread the word about her scheme. “CAPTAIN SILLYBIRD NOW OWNS A GOLDEN TIARA!” she shouted. “VISIT 250 BALKAN WAY DEN 32 TO SEE THE TIARA FOR ONLY 25 GEMS PER JAMMER! DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS IN THE NOTES FOR CAPTAIN SILLYBIRD BOX!” Several medium-amounted groups of animals frantically took out their navigation devices and searched for Captain Sillybird’s den. Captain’s excited heart pounded, and took off to set up the ticket booth.

At least 26 Jammers in a colorful variety were lined up by the front door. Captain had finally reached home, just before everyone began to get angry. “Now everyone, scoot back a bit,” Captain instructed. Captain wildly put together a very drab ticket booth, which was just a coffee table. Captain pulled over a porch chair and sat down. “Whew!” Captain wiped her forehead. “That’s what work is, people! Now you can line up.” Screams of commotion blasted. Even more work was on its way!

 Delicious fish with a side of noodles that once was on the plate was now in the belly of Captain Sillybird. It was the best meal Captain had eaten in days, weeks, months, and years. It was nice to have a quiet dinner again, without annoying fans beating on the door. A small candle in a brass candelabrum lit the table as if it were in a romantic and expensive restaurant. No sound was to be heard but the gentle sway of the flame and Rocky’s licenses clicking on one another.

Captain listened for the barn owl family who once nested in the forest behind her yard. They’d hoot all night, and if Captain got lucky, she’d fall asleep to the tune of their calming songs. Captain hadn’t heard the owls in what seemed like ages, with the fans banging at her walls day and night. She hadn’t gotten a decent amount of sleep in weeks. It is quite understandable that the owl family moved because they hated hearing the loud yelps of Captain’s fans every night.

Thoughts overwhelmed Captain. Is fame and fortune really all that good? Captain asked herself. Of course everyone wants to be popular, rich, and famous. But is it really worth it? Is only 2 hours of sleep each night really worth it all? Captain held back the thoughts. I’m sure I’ll be fine for now. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? I’ve got people that follow me around and they’ll do as I tell them. I’ve got Blossom Magichorse to help me in the toughest situations. I’ve got me…. I’ve got me…. Captain drifted away into a snuggly sleep.

Chirps of robins awoke Captain. The sun was high. With every sun Captain wished for a better day than yesterday. “Good morning, Rocky!” Captain bounced. “We’ve got lots of work to do today! We’re going to become RICHER than we were before! It’s exactly like they do with ice cream. They always look for a RICHER type of ice cream, don’t they?” Rocky stared at his paws, speechless. “Although, it would be a pleasure to have a little break, wouldn’t it?” Captain wondered. “Okay, then! Break it is. Now, let’s see.” Captain dug through her duffel bag. “I currently have 82,309 gems. That’s A LOT! I was planning on getting myself a pint of chocolate ice cream and a gummy bacon bone for you. We could spend the day in the hot tub eating our goodies and frolicking through the spring air. What do you say, Rockypants?” Rocky barked and launched for Captain. “Whoa!” Captain fell over and laughed. “Take it easy!” Captain stood up and dusted herself off. “Okay, be a good dog while I’m gone!” Captain grabbed her bag and shut the door.
Near the wooden gate a gang of Jammers stood in a single line, supposedly waiting to see Captain’s tiara. “Leave, please!” Captain shooed the line away. “I’m sorry, but my little business is closed. Come back tomorrow.” Never would work too. Captain rolled her eyes. “My off-day might be not as off as I’d thought,” Captain muttered and headed to Jamaa Township.

“Hello Captain Sillybird!” everyone made a circle around Captain. “I’d like some time alone, please!” Captain shoved herself through and dashed toward the bridge that led to Appondale. Some Jammers looked back at Captain and gave bewildered looks.

Regrettably, Princess was lying down on the bridge, counting the clouds and giggling to the gossip her friends nearby were chatting about. Captain leaned over Princess and said, “Knock knock, is anyone there?” “Yes, someone’s here,” Princess sat up and glared. “And I may ask you, why are YOU here?” “I’m taking a day off from fame,” Captain put her flippers on her hips. “If you don’t mind, I’ll just pass right by.” “Oh, I mind alright,” Princess cleared her throat. “Anyway, I heard you were visited again by that nerdy, imaginary horse. She gave you a tiara, I presume?” Captain glanced over her shoulder and nodded. “Bah, with THAT shade of yellow, if I were you I’d shred it, melt it, and glob it on your salad for lunch! Because it’s MUSTARDY! Am I right, girls?” The pink fox’s friends burst into laughter. Captain ignored them and walked off to Claws ‘N Paws to get Rocky’s gummy bacon bone, thinking about Princess's cheesy insult.

Captain plopped on her comfortable couch and buried her beak into her delicious chocolate ice cream. She loved ice cream, although she’s only had it once or twice. The chocolate comes from Jamaasian cocoa beans and nuts, which grow in only a certain part of Jamaa. “Delicate ice cream by the fireplace truly makes the day a treasure!” Captain exclaimed. “Do you enjoy your bacon bone, Rocky?” Rocky barked and panted, as if he was saying, “Yes! I especially want more!” Captain giggled. “That’s what I thought.”

Captain curled up in her bed. The day was overall the same as any day, even though it was supposed to be a day off. I wish I had some personal space, like I did when I wasn’t famous, Captain wondered and sighed. Maybe being famous and “rare” isn’t that great. Before I had that necklace, nobody shouted at me all day. Although I was teased and was forced to stay cooped up in my den, it was nice to have some freedom. Captain thought perhaps she may have overlooked a celebrity’s reputation. Captain decided to hold off the rest of the ideas for the morning, and flowed into a deep sleep.

It was utter silence. No birds peeped, and no daises flowed in warm breezes. Nothing could be seen. Not even the slightest ray of light. It was complete darkness, silence, and coldness. It was like Jamaa was never born; maybe even the universe. Captain was shocked. Her mind was frozen. Suddenly, a light flickered on.
Cell walls surrounded Captain in a square shape. “Where am I?” Captain loudly asked. “Who’s there?” a voice grunted. Greely, the wolf Alpha, was guarding Captain! “I-I’m Captain,” Captain stammered. “Captain Sillybird. Why are you here in this dungeon, if you are an Alpha?” “Me?” Greely asked. “The question is, why are you here?” “I’m not sure,” Captain’s eyes grew big. “I’m supposed to be in an enchanted garden that belongs to a magical horse.” Greely confusedly tipped his head. “I knew you wouldn’t get it.” Captain sighed. “But why am I here instead of where I always am?” “Allow me to explain,” Greely straightened his paw position. “You are trapped in one of the many Phantom Tower cells. I am here to collect the Phantom’s plans and observe them. It’s quite hard with Cosmo sending explorers to do my job.” Greely growled. “Anyway, I always see monkey explorers around here, but every time they come around they get caught. This is the first time I've seen a penguin.”

“I find the situation quite odd, so that’s why I am pretending to be a jail guard. Luckily I know where the key is to your cell. It’s not far from here.” Captain blinked. “Will you retrieve it for me?” Captain asked. “I would, as I’m an Alpha,” Greely replied. “But this is your destiny, not mine. You’ll have to figure a way out yourself.” “No!” Captain pleaded. “I’m scared and unknowing. I’m not sure why I’m here, and you don’t either. I need your help!” Greely began to stand up. “You could at least give me a torch so I can look around the cell,” Captain folded her flippers. “Oh, alright,” Greely lifted the torch he was sitting under and gave it to Captain. Captain thanked Greely as he slipped into the shadows.

“Hmm,” Captain thought. “Well, there’s a small wooden stool right here, and a window over here.” Captain named every object in the room. “There’s a little coffin-like bed to the right, with a miniature desk to the left of it. Over here’s a dusty book.” Captain picked up the book and dusted it off. The title read, “Jamaa’s Current Superstars”. “Hey, maybe I’m in here!” Captain exclaimed. She flipped the pages and saw humongous celebrities, such as snowyclaw, Julian2, bepper, infinitymagicheroisback, and NorthernKing, but no Captain Sillybird (animalclip). “This book must have been made a few months ago, before I received my necklace,” Captain satisfied herself. She set the book down on the old desk and continued scaling the perimeter of the chamber.

No other piece of furniture was found. Captain sat down on the stool. “It’s hopeless.” Captain sighed. “I’ll never get out of here.” Unexpectedly, the torch Greely had given Captain began to float! “This is simply marvelous!” Captain gasped. The torch hovered toward a corner of the cell that Captain must have missed. It stopped at a big ring. Captain pulled the ring with all her strength, and bricks of stone fell. Lying behind the stones that were once a wall was a secret tunnel!

The torch lit the path and summoned Captain to follow. Captain trusted Greely, so she could trust this mystical light. Captain gulped and pursued the torch.

It wasn't long before the end of the cavernous tunnel ended. Captain was free from the dungeon! Captain dashed for the exit of the building, but little did she know she’d be blocked by a cluster of Phantoms. “Well, well, well,” the leader of the patrol cackled. “We've got a visitor! And I’m quite surprised it’s a blubbery penguin this time. We usually get weak monkeys around here.” “The penguin looks quite filling for the Phantom King,” a Phantom snarled in the back. “Then we shall present this penguin as a meal, fried with deluxe dipping sauce!” the leading Phantom raised his electrical trident in the air, as the other black spheres joined in. They picked up Captain and threw her into a pit. “Hahaha!” the Phantoms lit their matches and threw them into the pit. The next thing Captain knew was pure darkness.
Captain woke up with a stretch and a yawn, the same every morning. “That was an awfully scary nightmare!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe I slept through that the whole night.” As Captain was getting dressed, she realized how her present dream related to her current problems in life with popularity. The Phantoms could have been perfect role-plays for the Jammers who bug Captain about her tiara.

All Captain Sillybird ever wanted was to help Jamaa, not conquer it.

But it didn’t seem right that everything had to end up this way. Captain never asked for a golden tiara or diamond necklace. She just wanted to improve her world.

Captain thought about this for a few minutes, her eyes wide. Captain sunk to the floor and Rocky padded by her side. “It is true, Rocky,” Captain petted Rocky’s fluffy fur. “I don’t need rare and etiquette items to make me happier. They simply made me angry and distressed. I must remind myself that three months ago I promised myself I’d make a difference in Jamaa. All I did was make it in the Jamaa Journal for a silly necklace. Sorry, Magichorse, your gifts meant nothing all along!” Captain lifted her golden tiara, ready to smash it to pieces. Before the tiara was launched into the air, Captain sighed and placed the tiara on a shelf. Her face brightened. “Maybe I can start helping Jammers,” she said aloud, “and this will be the day to find out!”

About a week later, Captain was exploring Jamaa. Finally her fans backed away and started minding their own business. Captain was joyful to be free from her captivity of fame. She noticed an orange and blue tiger sitting in the open, tears dripping from her nose. Captain waddled over to the cat. “What’s wrong?” she asked. The tiger smiled. “Thank you for being nice,” she replied. “Everyone typically ignores me, which makes me cry even harder. A few minutes ago my favorite sandals from the Summer Carnival were taken by a rotten scammer.” The melancholy tiger sniffed. “You can have my golden tiara,” Captain generously offered her. “Are you kidding!?” The tiger jumped up and squealed. “Thank you, thank you! I love you so much! You’re the best penguin I’ve ever met!”

The same night Captain fell asleep with a happy grin stretched over her beak.

The End


  1. What a great story. This really reminds you that fame and wealth might be good for awhile, but theres nothing better than the feeling you get when you do significant things for others.

  2. Oh my goodness! Beautiful story - I especially like the ending. You are a great writer. I would very much like it if you make another story!

    ~ elw06

  3. Completely amazing!

  4. Beautiful :) Its fantastic!

  5. I loved it! I like writing stories too, and yours is super cool!

  6. Really nice lesson

  7. very good story, about fame might be good for awhile, but always put others first, no matter what. And stand up to bullies who bully you, because your "not rare enough for them". I enjoy it, Naffy!

  8. I think I have an idea for pt 2! Plot:silly bird is helping a pink kind wolf but princess bully’s everyone and kidnaps silly bird (lol ik this doesn’t make sense) she said it’s for revenge and fame but silly bird said “all your doing is getting yourself popular in the way you don’t want” and the pink tiger is princesses sister and silly gets out somehow the alpha track down princess and ban her from jamma and she says “nerd alphas” just a idea :3 sry if im Annoying:(


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