Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Tough Decision

'Ello. As you can see there is no main post today, so my apologies for that. We went skiing yesterday and my legs hurt after, so I had a good, deep sleep, and that's what matters, right? 

Well, I mostly wanted to post because I have a very tough decision to make. Unfortunately we have limited inventory space. I really don't see the point in a limit for buddies and space for inventory, because it's not helpful. :I
Well, I can either recycle/trade away most of the plushies I collected during my first months of AJ in 2011 to by some neat things for my den to make it look "prettier", or I can keep my plushies to make my den look more... me. I love stuffed animals, so I'm gonna be sad to leave them behind... I dunno.

I need your advice! Comment what you think I should do. :)


  1. fuzzheadlola (or is it) dun-dun-dun!! XDMarch 13, 2014 at 9:16 PM

    Keep your stuff, because all of the plushies contain memories from when you first started aj, I have a collection of fox plushies from when i first started, and i have like 20 and i have never recycled one!

  2. I think you should keep them! Also, I know how you can get new stuff and still keep it! Just make another account as a storage. Yes, you can have more than one account. Yes, it will be nonmember, but you can still trade with it what you want to still keep, but not recycle. Then, when you want them out, just trade with it! It's a great and easy way to get space. :3

  3. I would personally keep some, and put the rest in an alt (commonly known as a storage user, I have 153 of them stuffed full of adventure and seasonal items)

  4. I agree with COTN. Keep some of the plushies.


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