Monday, August 3, 2015

Apps I Recommend

Whenever I'm feeling bored, sometimes I'll walk down the stairs and grab my iPod or Kindle Fire and play a few games. Here are some apps that I find fantastic!

Tunnel Town is an app that will keep you playing forever and ever! There's so many challenges to complete (some of which take loads of patience). You can also breed bunnies, decorate your burrow, plant a garden, and mine for gems!

Cinderella Free Fall is an amazing game! Unlike the other Disney Free Falls, instead of making matches of three, four, or five, such as in Candy Crush, you must connect jewels in a line. It's sort of like dot-to-dot. It's super fun and a must-try!

Frozen Free Fall is pretty much the same as Candy Crush, but it has beautiful graphics, new power-ups, and a Frozen character by your side!

Maleficent Free Fall is similar to Frozen Free Fall, but with characters from Maleficent and different power-ups. It also has a cool little twist with obtaining power-ups; you must purchase them with magic, which you receive a certain amount each time you finish a level.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is AWESOME! You HAVE to try it. Not only is it NOT another Free Fall, but it's actually WAY MORE FUN! This is one of my most favorite apps out there! You get to play with (so far) Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust, all of whom have different powers that can help you get through levels. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS APP! RIGHT NOW. THANKS! :)

Pet Rescue has an unusual plot, but it's still very fun. Your job is to tap rows or stacks of the same colored blocks to help the pets reach the ground safely. In my opinion, the pets look kinda weird, but it's still a great app.

Two Dots is a great game as well! It's basically a mixture of Candy Crush and Tetris.

Ah, yes! The classic Fruit Ninja! I'm sure most of you already know what this popular game is, so there's no need to explain things. Besides, all you do is just... well, slice fruit like a fruit ninja! Haha!

Welcoming another classic is Angry Birds! Wa-hoo! If you don't know what Angry Birds is, well... we need to fix that. You launch birds from a catapult, knock down towers, destroy pigs and blah. All because the pig king stole the birds' eggs.

Temple Run: Brave is just like Temple Run, obviously, but set in the mystical forests of Scotland, where the movie Brave takes place. You play as Merida (or Fergus), and you are being chased by Mordu. There are a few tweaks, though, that make the game a bit more original.

And last but not least, Jetpack Joyride! It's another sweet app by Halfbrick (the studio that produced Fruit Ninja) that is fast-paced and requires lots of thinking. Good luck trying not to get fried by lasers, electric beams, and missiles! Don't worry, it's not the boy-ish game is sounds like.

These are just some of the apps I really like. There are plenty more out there, of course! What are some apps you really enjoy playing?


  1. r u a disney fan?

  2. Those apps look fun:) Ive always wanted to try jetpack joyride except its a lot of mb and I'm very picky when it comes to megabites

  3. My sister and I love playing Two Dots. :3

  4. Have you ever played hill climb racing?

  5. A bit light for me. I find games like that to slowly be repetitive. I'm more of sniper/shooter fan. I guess that's how I deal with my sadness and loneliness. Plus they can help me in my future.

  6. My Singing Monsters is fun and has catchy songs

  7. Wow, a frozen fan. You just lost a reader.

    1. It's not bad but it's very overmarketed so to speak. It seems everywhere you look there's some Frozen merchandise and some of Frozen's are a bit overly fond of Frozen. Like if you say you don't like Frozen you now are #62 on their mortal enemy list. (Anyone get the reference) I guess it just needs to die down a bit. It's been like what 2 years and little girls are still dressing up as the characters. And even during summer I see stuff for Frozen.

    2. That's true, but I wouldn't call myself a "Frozen fan". Just because I like to play Frozen Free Fall doesn't mean I'm overly obsessed with it. If you want to see a Frozen fan, you should meet my sister.

      I bet in a year or two from now when Moana gets released, Frozen will be a little less, well, obsessed about.

    3. I like Moana's concept, but I don't think it can be stretched out into a 90-minute film.

      I really hope this sort of marketing dies down. It's just SO ANNOYING. Especially the Minions and Inside Put stuff. I also HATE these free falls. They're all copies of eachother with different characters and graphics. It's Sonic 3D Blast 5 all over again!

    4. Cinderella Free Fall is different.

    5. Well, that's good at least. Maybe not Sonic 3D Blast 5. But, still, they're still really repetitive and kinda boring.

  8. I love playing arrow, its a simple fun game XD


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