Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of Whoopschool

I don't feel too enthusiastic to write a peppy little "HIIII JAMMMERRRSSSSS!!!" introduction, so let's just cut to the chase.

Four words for you: first day of school.

To be honest, last year's first day of school went very smoothly.

This year, things were REALLY unorganized.

First of all, our dorky bus driver forgot it was the first day of school, so he didn't show up. All of the poor kids waiting at our bus stop (including myself) were somewhat disappointed.

At our school, we have two lunches. If your fifth period class in a certain area of the school, then you may either have 1st or 2nd lunch. French is my fifth period, and since it's a language class, I have 1st lunch.

Or so I thought.

During fourth period, my stomach was grumbling. Usually, if you have 1st lunch, lunchtime is right after fourth period. I couldn't wait to dig in on food!

Then our principal announced over the loudspeaker that there was some confusion and each student was to go to their fifth period class and talk to their teacher and find out what lunch they had. That meant French for me.

So after fourth period was over with, I went to ask my teacher what lunch I had (even though I already knew), and he said 2nd lunch.


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm smarter than most of the people in that freakin' French class.

But it doesn't take a SMART person to KNOW for a FACT that my FRENCH TEACHER is a COMPLETE IDIOT.

Last year, I swear he was absent for HALF THE YEAR. That's like, a full quarter per semester!

Sometimes the PRINCIPAL had to fill in for him because he was TOO LAZY to call a sub!

What's even WORSE is that I told my FRIEND to MEET ME at lunch, but now I couldn't DO THAT because I have 2ND LUNCH. 


French 2 has always been this way: Fifth period for the entire year, and 1st lunch for the entire year.

Has something CHANGED?


The only good side to this is that I'll be with a few more of my friends (friends = 4 or 5). The bad side? French is awful, I starved the whole time, and I let my friend down.

I can tell 8th grade will be a total bust.


  1. school doesn't start till the 8th for me! Last year my friend had a very old new bus driver he was an old man. On the first day of school I believe, He dropped his sunglasses out of the window and said NO SMOKING. And he stopped the bus at every kids house that was waiting for a bus.

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  3. That sucks. I went back yesterday, and it was horrible.. Everyone in all of my classes are annoying as heck.

    1. I know right? All of the bad/punk/cool/rebel kids are in my classes too! They're so ANNOYING!

    2. Yea I'm going into 7th grade and my best friend just switched schools. Any advice please >.< ?
      Thanks ^.^

  4. Aw, sorry about that Nafaria! My first day today was chaotic too! The principle changed everything up and my bff ended having B lunch whil me and anothe bff of ours were in A lunch! Ah the craziness of the first day of school. :/

    1. I know!! The same thing happened to me! Sad huh?


  5. You had your first day of school yesterday? Most of the people I know start school next week.

    1. I live in the western U.S., which has a different schedule from eastern U.S schools.

  6. Wow, that sucks! I've been super confused here starting 7th grade and having to change schools, but this is just plain messed up. I feel super bad for you... I mean, I have to walk around outside most of the day even though it's about 100 DEGREES EVERY DAY, and then go to a classroom that I'm either too hot or cold in. How does that even work?!
    I also have a dumb teacher (psh who am I kidding, we all have one) who just WOULDN'T STOP talking even though I said multiple times I needed her to slow down. The worst part is, I was so behind because she wouldn't let me finish a project that SHE told me to do in class. She wouldn't help, not one bit. Luckily I was able to finish. >:/
    But anyway, I hope you get some good luck this year. <3
    -Goshenite <3

  7. Nafaria, my school does not start until the 8th just like Violet.

  8. Aw man, that sucks! I hope school gets better. :(
    I'm nervous to start middle school, I know 7th grade will be a LOT different from 6th grade. And I have to do a presentation to the entire class within the first two weeks of school! Ughhh, nice way to make all the new people to the school even MORE nervous than they probably already are. >:(

  9. Awww, that sucks for the first day of school :( i hope it gets better as the year goes on

  10. I know how much that sucks, but lucky for me, My first day of school was A. Okay!

  11. wow. you sound smarter then your french teacher. Mind if i sponsor your blog on mine?

  12. My school starts tomorrow, and I haven't even gotten school supplies. It will be my first year of middle school, and I missed orientation because I was at Busch Gardens ( totally worth it though!). And now I'm learning you have to pick up your schedule at the school. I don't even know if any of my friends will be in my classes.-cyacheer

  13. woah woah woah! HALF THE YEAR?! WHAT. THE. HECK. IS. WRONG. WITH. HIM.

  14. Dang, Naffy, that's terrible! I'm in 8th grade too, started this year. It. Sucks. Believe me, it's terrible. But I hope things get better for you!
    -Fammy Fam Famz
    p.s. it's me Fam XD as if you couldn't tell :3


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