Saturday, October 4, 2014

Free Chat ISN'T Free Chat

At first I enjoyed the update. But when I was talking to a couple of my friends I realized just how far AJHQ has come.

They've removed the stupidest words- haha, even stupid! You can't say anything negative when you're trying to express your feelings. You can't say dumb, flip, freak, etc.

I understand that, but how are you supposed to let people know exactly why you are angry or sad? And then you get pathetic pop-up "warnings" for the worst reasons. It's SO UNFAIR. Non-Members aren't allowed to access Free Chat, which is bad. I'll be honest, though-

Free chat ISN'T free chat. It's really just Restricted Chat, now.

If any of you want to actually have a conversation, email me. Animal Jam's moderators are the laziest people on the planet.

I hope you enjoyed my cute rant. :3


  1. Nope, free chat isn't restricted chat yet. I have restricted chat, and they would let us say hardly even ANYTHING. You can't even say XD! You can't say your numbers! I think that you can only say about 15% of the words that exist in this world! I'm not exaggerating. Animal Jam has lame moderators!

  2. It's actually safe chat not free chat so... It was never really free chat

  3. I'm a member and i cannot get free chat, it says it wont verify with a gift card -.- Ridiculous

  4. I know! I can't say almost anything!!!!!! I NEED MY WORDS TO BE EXPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also have you noticed the '...' Lines before you speak?

  5. If you say just the letter F you get a warning, it's pathetic... I wanted to test if the ... thing was fixed so I typed a random letter and got a warning

  6. the only thing aj lets me say is ideiot only because i typed it rong :)

  7. one day i will call ajhq and start ranitng on the phone i will be like how dare you give members rights and not non members and also how dare you make the diamond shop and not give us proper chat!

  8. I got frustrated about it too because I was catching a scammer and it wouldn't let us say scam or scammer anymore.

  9. I know it's annoying :( I was asking how much a blood test hurts but I couldn't say blood

    They better fix it


  10. I can't say XD anymore and I have never changed my type of chat. Sucks. I remember when we couldn't say 'I' so we had to say 'eye'.


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