Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Commenting Rule (900th Post ^o^)

There's a new commenting rule on the RATH (Rise Against The Hackers). Here's how it goes:

If you are commenting as an Anonymous, you MUST put your username, or else the comment will be deleted.

I like this rule a lot, and I think that this will solve a lot of problems, especially on the RATH.

I sorta wanted to do this with the AJW as well. Now, this rule will be added to the blog rules.

If you don't know where to find the blog rules, they're just below the little box where you type a comment in.

Also, I don't appreciate people "hiding" their main account. So, as a tweak to this rule, I'd prefer it if you'd sign off with your main username, to avoid confusion.

Thank you! And be sure to vote on the contest!


  1. Good idea! Especially when there is the fashion contest going on. Some people can just comment as Anonymous lots of times to vote somebody out. By the way, I like the new theme! :)


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