Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Unusual Facts About Me

1. I swallow my fruit snacks whole.

2. Although I'm not a picky eater, I hate candy, except for chocolate and caramel. Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, and Dum-Dums just aren't my thing.

3. I can do a front flip, but I can't do a back flip.

4. I type with my two index fingers.

5. I've drunk from a muddy puddle before.

6. I have a blue, 5th-generation iPod.

7. I am approximately 5,6'' tall.

8. I broke my arm when I was 3 years old.

9. I have a birthmark on my right arm.

10. I am horrible at crafting.


  1. My ipod totally sucks
    I got the 4th gen. for my bday and like 3-4 months or so after the new one came out
    An of course being the crappy and greedy company it is, apple didnt make it able to be upgraded to ios7
    So now everyone has an ios8 device except for me and my friend
    Were like shuck our lives


    Oh and i hate haribo

  2. lol there are lots of things wrong with me XD XD

    I need to chew my fruit snacks a lot before I swallow them, and I usually suck on them first. But then again, I have a really small throat, so o3o

  4. You hate candy? Candy is the meaning of life! How could anybody hate candy?! XD Haha, just kidding! But still, it's quite surprising that you don't like candy. I am very obsessed with candy. :P

    1. I hate candy too. The FUN part of Halloween is GETTING candy from strangers. In other words, going up to random people and asking for food - if you call candy food. Have you ever checked the ingredients list on a piece of candy?

    2. Yeah I agree. One of the reasons I don't go trick-or-treating anymore. All that bad stuff in the candy D:

  5. How tall is 5,6" being?

    I can't count feets or inches.

    Oh, Fari? It's rare that anyone can to a "perfect" backflip, so I guess it's OK.

    1. Ok. I have it converted on my phone now. Ok.

      5 feet, 6 inches is the equivalent to 66 inches. So I just did 66 inches. I converted the inches to centimeters (centimeters is the equivalent to inches in the metric system, right? I think so..)

      So anyways... 66 inches is the equivalent to 167.64 centimeters. (If my phone's converter is accurate..)

      And lol. Naffy, you're 1 inch taller than me. Heh. X3

    2. Cool. That's tall. I can't count in inches and feets.

    3. 1 inch=2.5cm i think
      I also dont get the whole inch-feet thing >_<


    4. Naffy you are 2 inches taller than me, and there are only 5 people in my school taller than me.

    5. You're like 6 inches taller than me. I'm short. X3

    6. DUDE! I'm just 4 ft. 6 in., WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Oh and by the way, my older sister's taller than you by 2 in., heheheheh.


  6. 10 things you did not know about me:
    1. i have major teeth problems
    2. i was born as a tiny baby but im really tall now XD
    3. i get really angry sometimes
    4. i hate chocolate and ice cream
    5. i jerk suddenly when im near some thing cold
    6. i love the night not the day
    7. im bad at math
    8. i torture people some times at my school cause im mad
    9. i can swallow noodels with out chewing them
    10. i like school witch means im weird at school

  7. 5 facts about Bally:

    1: I prefer SPINACH to chocolate ice cream.
    2: I used to eat Play-Doh, and apparently, it tasted good.
    3: I HATE ALL FAST FOOD. Don't say I haven't tried them: I did a few times and they had NO FLAVOUR WHATSOEVER.
    4: I. Love. Huskies. (aww so cute)
    5; I eat salami by itself most of the time.



      *faints dramatically*

  8. Hmmm..
    1. Obsessed with anything with potatoes. But not sweet potatoes. XP
    2. Has cat with 3 legs :)
    3. Loves algebra but hates history
    4. Favorite color is purple.
    5. Is horrible at pretty much any sport (except volleyball maybe) XD

    1. What!? Sweet potatoes are so good, especially with brown sugar and butter. P: Mmm!

    2. I don't like sweet potatoes either! XD

    3. I like MEXICAN sweet potatoes, but no others

  9. Lol. I like almost all candy. Except for like those chocolates that have nuts in them and also caramel and also other weird stuffs like that. No. I'm not allergic to nuts. XD So anyways, I like chocolate too. Like Kit Kats, Reese's, Hershey's plain chocolate bars, M&Ms, (you get my point- I hope. XD). And chocolate brownies, chocolate icecream, CHOCLATE!!! Nom, nom, nom. :P But I also like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, lollipops, jolly ranchers. XP

    Now I want candy.. ;-;

    I have a white 5th generation iPod. lol

    I used to type with only my 2 index fingers. But then after a torturous (I mean educational) class about keyboard typing in like 4th grade or whatever, I began typing with all my fingers. But I still look at the keyboard when I have to type fast. Meh. :/

    And haha. I'm the total opposite of emam49 for his/her 3rd, 5th, and partially 1st. XD
    (I hate algebra. >:T probably because I'm awful at it. XD History is okay.. Learning about execution methods.. Harsh much? o-o)
    (I'm not the sporty-type either. But the one thing I know is volleyball is the one sport that I know that I stink at. lel)
    (I like potatoes too. Nom. :P But I also like sweet potatoes. Nom. :P Like sweet potato fries and umm -what's it called? Oh yeah.- sweet potato pudding. I think it's pudding.. o-o Or maybe I'm confusing myself with carrot pudding. XP)

    I'm hungry now. I just ate a waffle. O-O

    ~ Cutepups of cutepuppiness :D

    1. Wow. I didn't know I made this comment here so long! It's like a novel (as my dad would say)! XD

      And yes. I am replying to my own comment- yet again.


  10. 10 facts about Victory
    1. I love to play Warrior Cats outside
    2. Drawing and writing is my life
    3. I am a perfectionist
    4. I am home schooled because of bullying (I could tell you how bad the bullying was but that's a whole different comment), specifically this person that was bullying me for 3 years, and also because we we're kicked out of our rental house we had for 10 years
    5. I am 10 years old, but very intelligent despite my age (at least I'm intelligent considering the things I've seen other 10 year olds do... -shiver-)
    6. I am fascinated by blood and gore and plan to watch an autopsy documentary, but when my baby brother sneezes and wipes his boogers all over his face I gag
    7. My ultimate goal is to become an animator on YouTube, and I already have a ton of MAPS, animations and series packed into my tiny brain
    8. I hate going into restaurants because, I admit, I'm pretty vain
    9. I love to rant and join rebels
    10. Bacon @p@

    1. Oh, geez, Victory, that's terrible! D; About the bullying part. The rest is okay. :P

      Oh, and Cutepups- nice facts!

    2. yey

      Victory...... baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacon......

  11. 5 facts about Arctic:

    1. I dye my hair a new color so often, I made a gadget about it on my blog!
    2. I like all pies EXCEPT pumpkin and apple
    3. I have the MOST ANNOYING identical twin brother in the world
    4. My "identical" twin looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like me
    5. I know seven people born on February 29th

  12. 1. I've always type with all my fingers but my thumbs, which I only use for the spacebar.
    2. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite flavor.
    3. I taught myself to skate when I was 8 years old.
    4. I love watermelon.
    5. I've been told I walk like a dancer, even though I have no idea what that's supposed to mean o3o

  13. 1. I'm very absent minded.
    2. I HATE going to crowded places.
    3. Sometimes i'm to lazy to type.
    4. I get headaches a lot.
    5 Hint: Night owl.
    6.Sometimes I eat all day.
    7. I watch adult shows.
    8. I'm always complaining about something.
    9. I claim I yell uncontrollably.
    10. I'm obsessed with lions on CS.

    Wierd huh? :3

  14. 10 facts about me (when123).

    1. I am addicted to Animal Jam DX
    2. I tend to hit people when I'm mad
    3. I am obsessed with waffles
    4. I love the Warriors series
    5. Everyone calls me lightning because I run fast
    6. My favorite color was purple ever since I was three
    7. My birthday is on the 11th of April
    8. I have 2 brothers and an older sister
    9. If I get really bored, I act crazy
    10. I dream of writing a best selling book when I grow up


  15. Weird facts about me:

    1. Today is exactly 3 months till my 13th birthday

    2. I love any kind of candy that doesn't have nuts, mint, or is super sour

    3. I am a weirdo and am disliked by most of the population at my school. However, the people who do like me are all my close friends. I have so many of these people that we have more people and a better lunch table than the popular kids. People assume we are popular without knowing us, even tho we totally would not be.

    4. I have a lisp, which means that I can't say the letter "s" properly

    5. I have never taken self defense or any kind of martial art but fr some reason I'm really strong and could (If I wanted to) beat most people I know up

    6. I am an Aquarius- and I feel most at home in the water!

    7. I have somewhat of a split personality so the really super girly fashionista side of me and the violent, mean, tomboyish side of me are always fighting to be let out

    8. People tend to either really like me or really hate me. Simple acquaintances think I'm nice but outgoing, but once they get to know me they take one of those sides.

    9. I am described as intense by my friends, and insane by most other people

    10. I am not sporty at all

    I hope you enjoyed Ten Facts About Rascalcat!

    Btw in case you were wondering I'm a girl. Brown hair half way down my back and dark hazel eyes. If you happen to know me- come say hi.

    - <3 Rasal <3

  16. i sprained my arm when i was three but i didn't break it. -tjsummy


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