Saturday, October 4, 2014

Killing the Fox- Sarepia School Comics


  1. Too gruesome for my taste.
    ~ another average jammer

  2. Funneh!!!!!!!!!! This made me rofl! But then I rofled down the stairs. O_O

  3. This confused me on so many levels eheh X3

  4. Nafaria what is a rare elf helmet worth? the green one? I traded my rare wrist for it cause some other people said it was worth tiki mask and foudners. so what is it really worth?

    1. You did an over trade for the helmet. Spiked wristbands came out way before the helmets.

      And no, the helmets are not worth founder hats.

      Just letting you know. :)
      But hey, if you LIKE the elf helmet more than the spiked wristband, it should mean more to you. Let's forget about the 'rarity' and just like it for what it is.

    2. Actually, now that there's a secret color of the original Elf Helmet that was not sold in stores (unreleased), people are desperate for any Elf Helmet. That's probably why they wanted on trick you.

  5. Okay so this is really funny!

  6. Colossal titan?!!?!?!??!?
    #thats all i ever think about


  7. Replies
    1. Lol, that's okay. So all the kids are at school and Parker comes up to a girl and asks her what she's holding in her hand. The girl explains how she killed a fox to make it. Then my friend who is very obsessed and overprotective of foxes barges in as a demon and tackles the girl. 0-0

      This is based on an incident at school one day where a girl really did bring a fox tail lanyard. No demon friends though. :3

    2. Oh yeah, then the fox that the girl killed comes alive and swipes the lanyard away from her and sticks it on his butt. That didn't happen in real life either. *_*

  8. lol

    ~Moon animations (NOBODY TAKE MY DASH for my signature, lol) =^-^=

  9. The one song on the AJW wikiplayer sounds like the song called "City on the Hill" by Casting Crowns

  10. Lol, so funny! :'D



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