Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm thinking of making my very first AJMV, or Animal Jam Music Video! I finally figured out the Windows Movie Maker, so I could just add a song from my iTunes collection...and yeah!

Here are the songs I was thinking of. More might be added later, some might be taken off, etc.

  • Who Says by Selena Gomez
  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele
  • Firework by Katy Perry
  • It's Time by Imagine Dragons
  • Please Don't Leave Me by P!nk
Those are the five for now...

Which do you think I should do?

Do you have any suggestions? If your suggested song is listed in the iTunes provided, I will add it to the list if I approve of it. C:


  1. Replies
    1. It was a joke. XD Look at the song list

    2. Pink: At first I was like: whaaaat? Then, I just burst out laughing.
      ~kittens1111=^. .^=

  2. Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips (lol). Or a song that is by Owl City. Thanks! And that's really cool! I'm making/trying to make an AJMV by myself on the song Shooting Star by Owl City. Coincidence!

  3. totally firework i love that song! and could i be in it its ok if you say no?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Who sash who says your not perfect who says your not worth who says!!!!!!

  6. I prefer a classic song. It calms the mind, while classic, pop songs make you dance and sing along!


  7. Fireworks by Katy Perry! Naffy, can I be in the AJMV? (You don't have to say yes :P)
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=

  8. Hurhur I love these following songs:
    True love by P!nk
    Summer by Calvin Harris
    #Selfie by the Chainsmokers
    Love runs out by OneRepublic
    Legendary lovers by Katy Perry
    The one that got away by Katy Perry
    It's time by Imagine Dragons (yey)
    Trun down for what by DJ Snake and Lil Jon (DONT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOURE YOUNGER THEN 12 OMG)
    Glory and gore by Lorde
    And many more >3<
    I don't like to say this, but Movie Maker isn't exactly the best editor o3o


  9. Firework or..

    Royals or change or magic??


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