Monday, June 16, 2014

Google Virus


While I was on vacation, my friend cyacheer pointed something despicable out.

She was visiting snowyclaw's blog, the Animal Jam Spirit, and suddenly a strange ad popped up. This ad was a virus, and it caused her computer to no longer be able to search on Google, her browser.

But it isn't because of snowyclaw. Her other friend at school who doesn't play AJ got it, too.

So, the culprit is this ad and whoever made it.

Since it appears on snowyclaw's blog, it's a big danger to your computer. It might be best to keep your distance from blogs that host Google Adsense, and be careful with what you view.

Stay safe!


  1. ClanancestorheartsJune 16, 2014 at 3:16 PM

    :O I'll make sure I only visit good blogs, BTW if snowy's blog is on your "more blogs" page, you should remove it so more people do not get a virus.

  2. Weird. I used to view AJS a lot. During that time, I lost my Internet connection a TON while playing other games. Ever since I stopped viewing, I had no problems. Funny thing is, I've never clicked any ads on there. Could it just be a coincidence?

  3. oh crap about all my friends and my parents user goggle but i user a diffrent thing kidsclick :D

  4. Woah... what? That's odd... I haven't really visited AJS, really o.0!


  5. Does cyacheer have any proof it's from the AJS? Or did she just guess it? In any ways, you should try to tell Snowy.


    1. Yeah, in fact it's just an ad that pops up ANYWHERE that lets ads run. So it's not Snowy's fault entirely for this problem. c:

    2. I mean, does she know which ad it is? And does she have any anti-virus thing?


  6. I have Ariva so I guess it lowers the chance of getting a computer virus. Never saw that ad but I use Google Chrome.

  7. MEEEEEEEP! that never happened to me!!! really creepy.........

  8. Hmmm. I was on the blog and the whole day I couldn’t log on. The next morning, my long was gone.


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