Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Tiki Line

Hi there! Today's new item is most likely a Tiki Statue.

Yep. I was correct.

I like the overall design of the item, but the face is quite perplexed and doesn't seem right. o.o

By what I've seen so far, I'm guessing the whole line of these Tiki Statues are going to have chattering teeth.

Anyway, today is the extremely cool party! Dress up as if you're an inhabitant living in the deep jungle, or as a Tiki. (Not THAT Tiki up there, though. o3o)

Remember: 4:30 pm MT!

Yesterday I was hanging out in the Juice Hut with a couple friends of mine. I started to dance, and this is what happened to my poor Scary Antlers:

My horns got caught underneath the blenders! It took hours to get them out of there. XD

Be sure to visit The Krystal Way, my all-new plushie series! It's basically a reprise of my life, but twisted into a plushie's life. I'll be adding a link to it on the blog soon. And, dreadfully, I decided to delete the adventures of Afro Fox and Chicken Wolf. It was useless to continue because nobody exactly read it for a while. :( I'm hoping Krystal's line will be different.

The last thing I wanted to say was that I got a rare Eagle Plushie in the Claw the other night! I might add him into a story of Krystal's later.



  1. Derpderp weird tiki statue e.e
    Cute eagle :)
    Nu can't come to th party x(

    Mifi wuvs Wifi HEEHEHEH

  2. i shall never forgive 1shadow serioulsy she commited a crime!

  3. Ah, the second land tiki statue - the Cosmo Tiki Statue... just like Liza, Cosmo xD Dx!

    Okai, okay... the party!

    Poor you, Naffy! That would've even taken more than one hour to get your gazelles out of that machine!

    KRYSTAL! (Three stars)


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