Tuesday, June 24, 2014

100,000 Views Invitation

What you've all been waiting for is here at last!

This took a lot of time to make! I give outstanding credit to numnum13 and vms915 for most of the graphics. ^-^ The disco background is mine, though. Remember to read ALL of the invitation, because I always get questions on when the party is going to start and it frustrates me explaining it tons of times. That's not the only reason, though. There has been a change in where the party is at!

The theme is disco, obviously. XP The party will be super fun, I just know it! It's alright if you can't make it. You will be missed. :(


  1. I will try to make it! -moonstar88745

  2. Hooray for 100k!

    I should be there as long as my memory doesn't fail me

  3. i cant make it naffy im so sorry i qiut remember? but if i had the choice iwould go. its just that i live in the east and my school just started. im not american :(
    P.S. congrats on 100k views!
    your good old friend,
    ~Misty :)

  4. No, I can't make it! NUUUUUU! I can never make it to anyone's parties because my parents force me to go to the gym every other day. (Sobs in a corner.)


  5. 3:00 MT sooooo 4:00 WE?

    - rascal

    1. 3:00 Mountain Time (United States), so 4:00 would be Central Time (United States). :P Not sure what WE stands for. ^c^

  6. Hey Naf, are you really on right now?
    I mean, I saw you in your den and you were acting different,
    Like no usage of capitals and such.

    1. I am positive it was me. When I'm in a hurry I usually talk without any capitalization or punctuation, but when I'm relaxed I talk.... normally? XD

  7. I will be able to come for once!!!!

  8. nafaria is it just my computer or nummy's blog keeps loading and never stops.... i am getting worried


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