Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hullo! Today's new item is VERY UNIQUE and we haven't EVER seen it before!

I won't even say a word. :L

Remember yesterday about the whole "Meforever" thing? Well, I was completely wrong about him. He's actually a friend of Lauren's brother. I can't believe I failed like that.

I always fail on investigations....


On Pink's blog I learned a new glitch! I call it the "Slippery Slide" glitch.

First, you slide down the ice in Mt. Shiveer. While you're sliding, quickly open the "Change Animals" tab and click on an animal. Then open the "Actions" tab and click a direction to sit. Your animal will appear in a position that you can't access anywhere else! It might take a few tries, but it works!

Look at this collection of lovely creatures. ^.^

Did you know my old buddy RockyTop2 logged on today to say hi? :D I've missed her forever!

If only all of my long-lost buddies would log on. :(

Speaking of buddies, be sure to read the new post on the Krystal Way!

Thanks, goodbye!


  1. make a wattpad account and looks up the following people: Ravenna_Mills ( me)
    elizabeth overland
    anneira overland
    danny overland
    annabeth overland
    i have not turned evil yet..... btw, you could write animal jam stories on wattapd!

    1. Wattpad has some really inapropriate stuff on there.
      I'd rather just write on a blog :I


  2. fuzzhead Peace, Love, and UNICORNS!!June 18, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    She logged on, and i missed it!?!?!? :(((

  3. sorry about not logging in naffy. its just that i dont feel safe :( i miss you a lot

  4. That glitch is the best! And that Graham Tiki Statue is the worst ≧☉_☉≦!

    Anyway, RockyTop logged back on to say: "hi!" WOW! I LOVE HER :3. She's so nice!!!!!!!

    Plus, that's okay if you always fail in investigations, SISTAHHH. I do, too.

    :p ~▙biamorawesome▙~ ≧◉◡◉≦

  5. The glitch works on the sate pita slide and the water slides too :3
    - rascal


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