Monday, June 16, 2014

"Otter" Gazelles

Hi Jammers! I'm back from Yellowstone. ^.^ Like usual, it was an EPIC trip. We saw:

  • Hoards of bison
  • Several pronghorns
  • 10 bears
  • A wolf
  • A mother peregrine falcon and her 2 chicks
  • 3 yellow-bellied marmots
  • Numerous elk
There's also plenty more animals we saw, but those were the ones we were proud of the most. o3o

Anyway, today's RIM is the sky blue Rare Fedora.

It's a nice color, but the price is ridiculously high.

Also, there's a humongous fuss about the return of the Gazelle Horns.

I'm glad they are back so that scammed and hacked people can get their items once more. And, everyone who's dream item is this pair of horns gets to have them. c:

But something I still don't understand is WHY they released them again. Do you have any thoughts?

By the way, the Soccer Ball Mask is an epic headbutt. XD It's definitely one of Jamaa's weirdest items.

Last of all, there's an odd glitch going around with a sea otter.

What the heck!?

Some people think this is work of a hacker. I believe them, but we can't be sure. AJHQ wouldn't do this.


Well, bye for today!


  1. Otters might come out soon, and it's just a glitch :DD


  2. Omg. Naffy if that's a joke I will yell. I am scared right now. O.O

    1. This is no joke. There's even a video on it. O-o

  3. It's not a hacker. I just know it. AJHQ is probably, like... Urg, hard to explain.

  4. I thought it was a joke o3o I just looked up the video though. I think it's a hacker.
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=

  5. I think AJ is trying to re-release rares so there won't be as much scamming or hacking.

  6. Naffy, it looks like you have another successful journey! Ah, journies and adventures - fun and memorable, aye?

    Welp, it looks like the wanted Gazelle Horns are back in Jamaa's furniture shop: Jam Mart Furniture, in the first page - Zios, I am so specific BD!

    Also, that glitch is quite odd!



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