Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Symbolic Pets


Today's new item is the Basketball Hoop! Once I heard what the new item was, I thought to myself, "Darn it! Another human item." Yes, it is for humans, but AJHQ made this hoop seem like it came straight from an animal!

It's so epic! It's made of squiggly-shaped wood and has a mini Beta Basketball beside it. ^c^

About three years ago, in 2011, Animal Jam had the first pet release. Instead of having a pet stop where you could choose your accessories, you used a gadget called "symbols".

First of all, you'd choose which pet you'd like. In this example, a Jammer chose a cat. Then, they'd use the arrows or the random handle to select a combination of elements. These elemental symbols would determine the appearance of your pet, and whether or not it came with a "rare accessory".

Back in 2011 I had two pets: my seahorse and my duck. When I was creating Oceansky, this was her look:

She turned out to be a beautiful sea-green and lavender seahorse with a rare knight helmet on her head. :3 Talk about ideal perfection!

Now, to dress up our pets, we use the Pet Stop. Hooray for pets!

Here is the invitation again as a reminder.

Click to enlarge the invite so you can read it better.

Also, thanks to Mythy for the funny drawing she made about 100,000 views. XP

Lol! o3o



  1. :D I guess I am a surprise guest at your party! Ill be entering your party. Nafaria I hadn't talked to you in like 4 months! Im a NM now. I actually QUIT animal jam but so much friends are on and I played it so long I returned in almost 3 months! Like I was on a little over the past couple months but I hadn't talked to anyone or visited my den or saw anything on Animal Jam for 4 months. Now I'm back and playing animal jam like 2013! I won't quit till I'm 15 or so. ;)
    See you soon!


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