Monday, June 23, 2014

Rare Spike, Please? No!


Yesterday, my country, the United States, played in the World Cup against Portugal. It was a burning draw with a late goal for Portugal when it was sure the US was going to win. Oh, well! It could've been worse. :P

Anyway, it appears that we have our first Freedom Item to settle us down: the Rare Freedom Sword!

Not bad! It's a good item for defending yourself. Wow, aren't I dumb? EVERY sword is good for defending yourself. What is up with me? O.o

The AJMV is nearly complete! With only a few more screenshots to take, "Who Says: An AJMV" will be finished after the editing. x3

We're also just hundreds away from 100,000 views! ^.^ Speaking of which, we're also 3 DAYS away from the Animal Jam Whip's 2nd birthday!

Meanwhile, check out creepersofthenethter's den on the Epic Dens List! It amazed me at how expensive it cost. o3o

Apparently, every once and a while I get a Jam-A-Gram saying, "I saw you in that video! Buddy me? Oh, and can I have a Rare Spike too?"

This is because not too long ago my friend QTAngel took a video of her trading for my extra pink Rare Spiked Wristband.

Now, I had ONLY GOTTEN IT because I traded my Gazelles (when they were rarer and sought after) for a White Rhino Helmet, a Mira Statue, and 2 Long Spiked Wristbands.

I eventually traded most of those off and I ended up with the pink Rare Spike. Then, instead of a random Jammer out there, I decided to give it to my trusted friend QTAngel.

She filmed our little trade and now it has possibly over 10,000 views. So, I get JAGs from people asking for a Rare Spike as well. 

I'm getting a little sick of the begging, guys. I DON'T HAVE 300 SPIKES to give to everybody! I'm not some kind of machine that generates rares! I also do not have control over the fact AJHQ only gives us 100 buddy spaces! :(

"Rare Spike, please?"
No, sorry.
"But I saw you give one to your friend!"
Yeah, but... that was when I had an extra.
"I see you've got two spikes! Why not spare me one?"
Sorry, these are special to me.
"If you don't send me one now I'm deleting you forever!"
So be it. I'm not giving away my stuff.

That's all I really want to share. Goodbye!


  1. If I were you in that situation, I would rage lol.

  2. if your buddys are like that then there not good people

  3. OMG People like that CONSTANTLY saying that to you, Naffy must be so ANNOYING!!! D:

    People used to constantly ask for my 'rares'. Haha nope. :P Like my black worn, light blue fox hat, rare blue bow, black top hat.... was so annoying. Not as dramatic as your experiences though. It must be at least 10x worst for you though! >.<

    1. By "Haha nope. :P" I mean that my 'rares' aren't really rare- are available as prizes in Adventures. Yours are worth far more, though.

      Did this comment make any sense whatsoever.? Oh well. o3o

  4. I know right. Mostly, I can't stand it when people give me a ''sob story." Even if it's true, I don't like it, and it makes me want to give something to them LESS.
    On another note, to make the parties extra-special, I think you should have 2 seperate parties. Since both of them are HUGE achievements.
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=


  5. A Poem for the Whip

    Her blog is the best
    From the east to the west
    The blog, with words, is hard to describe
    But you can't deny that this girl can type
    Then when I read, my smile's so bright
    With the talent and wisdom she writes
    For the people, to the sea and the mountains
    And now this epic blog
    Has views of a hundred thousand!
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=

    1. Aww! That poem was so thought through! That was kind of you. :) How clever!

  6. @kittens
    PAWsome and touching poem :-D! Wow :-D. Amazed - you are my inspiration of poetry o.0 :3!


    P.S., it really is quite annoying when some Jammers beg for this item, when that Jammer who had the items said just one, simple word EVERYONE could understand: "Sorry, NO."

  7. ya its super hard to be nice and decline pplz trades at the same time. once i was in my den and someone wanted to trade me a sturdy table for my party hat and i said no, and then they said my user should not be "awesomepanda868" because i was not awesome :(

  8. WELL DATZ JUST RUDE!!!!! Just because you declined their trade does NOT mean your "not awesome"! D:< It makes me rage when someone is bullying you and teasing you because you decline their trade. I think I'm speaking for all of us on this! I may not know you but I'm SURE your SUPER FRALITASTIC AWESOME! So don't listen to them! Their just bad people and they just SURGE for being RARE! It's just PIXELS! Even though it may be pixels you do work hard on it but BULLYING someone for RARES is just LOW! If anyone reads this comment and just LUUUUUUV being RARE and think I am dumb for saying this then YOUR dumb! Having friends is more important than being "RARE"! Living life to the fullest is more important than being rare and caring for one another and helping each other out is more important than being rare. So if you can't see that in your eyes than you need to stop dieing and start LIVING!
    ~Midnightmoon200 <3 all you nice peeps!


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