Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Lego45!

Hiya! Thanks again, all of you, for the 100,000 Views. That made me so happy! ^o^

Today's new item is perfect for any ceremony. It's the elegant Grand Piano!

It's way more pretty than the Scary Organ, which was all we had until now. AJHQ should make a tuba. I'd like to see how that would turn out. o3o

It's my brother's birthday today! We're going to have lots of fun doing indoor skydiving, indoor surfing, and rock climbing. My brother loves extreme sports.

Just imagine what surfing would be like in Animal Jam. XD

Do not fret, the invitation will be up very soon. The contest is also still being built. Trust me, it's gonna be the biggest contest I've ever hosted!

Around the Adventure Base Camp, you might notice a few adorable, small animals! When I was exploring it yesterday, here are the cuties I found.

The duck and frog are my favorites. <3 The ladybug always changes patterns and colors, if you didn't know.

Which animals are your favorites? Have you seen any others?



  1. I love the piano because I play it.

    The tornado sirens once went off during practice ...
    I'm playing Ode To Joy on the Piano c:


  2. o3o
    I have been playing the piano for like 7 years o3o


  3. (belated) happy birthday to lego45!


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