Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jammer Snaps of the Past

Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip, Jammers! Did you know I can predict items?

I predict that today's item will be either the Greely Tiki Statue or the Peck Tiki Statue.

Oh, would you look at that! I totally guessed that correctly. c:

Finally! An item that isn't gritting their teeth! Instead, Peck's slobbery, dangling tongue is sticking right out of her mouth. o.e How etiquette of you, dear Peck!

This morning my grandpa and I played golf. We had such a beautiful time with beautiful weather and beautiful scenery. I live in a valley below a rocky mountain, so with the trees and the moist grass made it absolutely wonderful!


Today my brother found out that his Rare Headdress was missing from his inventory. :( If anyone has a spare, I'd be willing to trade for it (and so would lego45!)

As you can tell, I don't have a certain topic to talk about. :I

Ooh! There's a new Jammer Snaps contest, in which you need to get a photo of Jamaa's 27 animals.

I've won the very first Jammer Snaps contest, and I've been in one with my two friends before.

This one was for the parade-themed contest. I'm Sparkle Daringstone!

Daredevil Rowdybrave

I'm not in this one, but my friend who quit, XxRobinHoodxX or Hawkeyex, is Daredevil Rowdybrave!

Little Windypaw

This is actually my storage Diamondswift (Swimming Berryivy), animalclip (Juniper Rockyviking), and I (Infinity Rainyturtle). We were one of the five winners in the first-ever Jammer Snaps: Synchronized Swimming!

Little Shyhero

And last but not least, Little Shyhero the penguin used to be a great Blogger, but now her blog is, well, abandoned. Not that she'd read this and be offended. x3

Oh, look! I figured out something to post about. :P



  1. Who is Little Shyhero o3o?
    The blogging-quitting thing reminds me of Fuzzy Shyivy Dx


    1. I know, right? Everyone is leaving, pupp1266, wolfez, maybe partyanimalzz, it's like since they quit we have to as well! XC

      And Little Shyhero is eilxir but she hasn't been on forever... e-e

  2. The memories of yesterday :,-( ;'-).



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