Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm Home

Hey everybody! I can't tell you how much fun I spent at Disneyland, but I missed all of you just the same.

Well, now that I'm back posting will get into the groove again tomorrow.

Apparently, next week will also be quite busy.

I have swim team practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00-10:00. At least that's what I think.

I'm going golfing with my grandpa one of those days, most likely Wednesday or Tuesday. I'm not much of a totally obsessed golfer, but the main reason I enjoy golfing is that I secretly get to drive the golf cart. o3o

Lastly, my aunt and uncle invited me to take a 4-day trip to Yellowstone National Park with them and camp out. I couldn't resist such an offer. Yellowstone is technically my favorite vacation spot in the world.

But, overall, next week will be a blast. The 90,000 views party will be held and the invitation will be revealed tomorrow.

So, thanks for being patient and sticking with me!

I heard that Julian2 has been wiped out from Animal Jam and YouTube? This has something to do with LilacPetals or whatever? I'm not sure.

Goodbye for today!


  1. Wow! Congratulations in that JAMtastic vacation of yours! Yup, we also missed you, Naffy :-D!

    Also, break a leg (good luck) on next week! I know you'd do well in your lessons :-). And, your vacation was quite interesting, aye? I WISH I WAS THERE xD!


    1. Oh, and I learned how to screen record with my voice in it :-D! And, I am not really a fan of Julian, that's why I don't really know this subject about Lilac and him...?

    2. Me either, but it seems like a lot of people are worried about him. O.O

  2. Yellowstone is AWESOME! I love it! My dad went there on a Boy Scout trip and saw a mountain lion! In the middle of the road! And there is a really yummy hot chocolate lace :3 I have never been to Disenyland, however. Is it fun?

    1. It's not any regular theme park-it's AN AWESOMELY EPIC THEME PARK! It has roller coasters of all sizes, rides that tells stories of Disney's ideas, delicious snacks and tourist attractions, etc. Usually your normal amusement park would be roller coasters and "let's go jump off a cliff" thoughts, but Disneyland has much more.

      Anyway yeah it's really really 100 billion more reallys fun!!!

    2. That reminds me of Disneyworld in Florida-Another awesomely epic theme park... A DISNEY ONE, LIKE DISNEYLAND!!!
      BTW, I've never been to Disneyland, only Disneyworld.

    3. I'm going to an attraction park tomorrow with my RL friends O3O It's called Walibi, IDK if there are any in the US :P


    Well IDK why Julian's YT was removed since I couldn't watch any of his vids for a week, but Julian and Lilac were kinda dating :S I'm kinda sad he deleted his channel though :( But it might have been a hack from some crazy hater x3


    1. Well Lila used his channel while they were dating ad then they broke up ad she was mad she deleted his channel :I

      Check the goodbye post I said lots of info there.

  4. finally i hate that guy he brags about his stuff but i like his voice

    1. No he does not!!! And lilac and julian2? Ehhh, NOT a perfect match. NOW I KNOW WHY SHE QUIT YT AND AJ!!!

    2. Wait is that counted as bullying?

    3. Rainbows-

      She did not quit animal jam. She quit YouTube because someone leaked all her personal info in a video and set up a hate channel for her.

      She was working on Julian's channel with him, they broke up a few days ago. She was mad, so she deleted his channel. Gosh get your facts straight. :I

      - rascal

    4. o-o
      How d'ya know all of this? Can you send me the link fo your info o3o?



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