Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Animal Jam Whip!

Hello Jammers! Today is update day, and we have some terrific news to discuss!

To begin, we'll start off with the new items.

Here we have the straw hat. It's not the best....

Introducing the deluxe Crystal Palace! It's known to be the most elegant and the BIGGEST den in all of Jamaa! That's probably why it costs more than usual. XD

And of course the coolest music in Animal Jam has arrived for only 1 Diamond! Don't you think Non-Members should be allowed at least another music for their den?


Pet Giraffes!? Awesome! Yes, they're in the Diamond Shop, like every pet nowadays. They certainly have very thick necks and noggins.

This is the overall view of the Crystal Palace. Yes, AJHQ was correct-it is HUGE. SO HUGE IT WOULD TAKE HOURS TO DECORATE. The den is actually pretty amazing by itself, so if you don't want to take that time to renovate, that's good, too.

The Freedom Party is here! I am guessing it will be the same as last year's party. Sadly, I am 4 hours away from the next one! On the other hand, or should I say paw, the lions have left us! Goodbye, lion friends.

Bubble Trouble is now in Hard Mode! I lagged a lot during that Adventure. Anyway, the new prizes are sweet! There is also a new entrance to the Ocean Base Camp from Bahari Bay. ^c^

Yay! The rhinoceros are making their way home. In celebration, there is a cute video to watch. x3 It will be added to the videos as soon as possible.

Epic Wonders is on sale! I suggest buying an item or two before they go back to regular price, because Epic Wonders is really expensive. And, for a reminder, the accessory contest closes on June 30th. I entered a bubble hat. o3o

It looks like we're finished for the day....




The blog is now officially 2 YEARS OLD! WHOO-HOO!

I've had an amazing time blogging over the past years. I don't blog for reasons such as to grow famous like some people do. I love to write, so I love to blog. I do it for my own pleasure. ^-^

One last thing:

Thanks again for everything you Whippers have done for the AJW and I. Bye!


  1. Awesome update and happy b-day AJW!!!!!

  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Animal Jam Whip!

    The last time I went here, it was like nothing. Second time: all new updates invaded this place...

  3. Oh my goodness, I need that palace!!


  4. Happy 2nd!
    And that new den is HUGE

  5. Happy Birthday Animal Jam Whip! :D

    And agreed, I think that non-members should be able to change la música de sus casas. >3<

  6. Happy Birthday, Animal Jam Whip!


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