Friday, June 29, 2012

A Lesson All Should Know

Yesterday was a fun day! What did you do for Summer Sensation 2012? I learned a good lesson that everyone should learn. Popularity doesn't come to you for your looks and Rare Items-it comes to you when you are kind to people and be polite. The more the kind, the more the friends you'll make. I even taught someone else my lesson!

Maybe you'll see someone in the Clubhouse or Kinzville Park that needs help. Why don't you go over to them and ask them what is wrong instead of looking at them and keep on swinging on the swing or chatting with new/old friends?

Everyone has feelings. Some Webkinz pets, or even Webkinzers, are more sensitive and can be hurt easily. Think before you speak to them, and make sure if they aren't having a well day, say something nice instead if "too bad!"

Sometimes people in the Trading Room will ask you for a certain piece of clothing that your pet is wearing. Usually the clothing will be a very high valued clothing piece. Most of times in KinzChat Plus you'll see pets chatting with their friends. Notice their clothes. Those clothes are highly valued. If you are bothered by everyone asking you for your Rare Clothes, I strongly suggest you do not wear them in public.

Once I asked a pet for what they would like to have in exchange for a Rare Clothing piece they were wearing. This was last year, 2011. The pet answered, "Priceless." Priceless items are things like Exclusive Items, Super Beds, or Rare Clothes. Super Beds can only be found in every 5th adoption of a Webkinz. Exclusive Items can only be found in the Wish Machine, Wishing Well, and in every adoption of a Webkinz. I didn't have any Exclusive or Rare Clothes, so I asked her, "Like an Ice Cream Super Bed?" And she said in a whiney voice, "Super Beds aren't the type of Priceless I need. I need the Priceless Clothing! Loser!" And she left me there in the room, heartbroken.

Maybe once you'll try to help someone get a Rare Clothing piece. But what if you have that item and you don't want to give it to them? That's what happened to me yesterday. I realized it would mean a lot more and be way easier to just give them mine. So I did. I went back to the penguin and said, "I didn't get it for you, but I thought it would be easier and mean much more if I just gave you mine." They were so happy. You know what makes me the happiest? When my friends are happy. If they aren't happy, got hacked, someone they loved passed away, something that someone scammed them on, I have to do something. That is what friends are for!

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