Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Nafaria, Webkinz World's purple, evil fairy of the Magical Forest brings back offers for your Alyssa's Star Challenge stars! Nafaria was here back in September 2011, and is back for the month of June 2012! If you spot her, click on her. She will offer you a prize for a certain star. If you have that star, click ACCEPT or DECLINE. Sometimes she'll give you the prize and keep the star, other times she'll take your star and give you nothing in return! Be careful and choose wisely when it comes to trading with Nafaria!

If you do not have stars already, go to the Kinzville Map. In the left top hand corner of the map, you'll see a cave with a pink fairy on top. Click on it. Then click the arrows until you find Alyssa's Star Challenge. Click INSTRUCTIONS to find out how to earn stars and other prizes!

Have fun trading.... or else! :)

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