Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rockerz Pets

It looks like the Webkinz Rockerz pets are available to buy! Have a rockin' time with the Rockerz cat, Bulldog, Lion, and Cow. Yesterday I adopted the Rockerz Cow. I named her Calcium. Each Rockerz pet adoption comes with a Rockerz Outfit and a special Rockerz Challenge. Challenges are icons that will appear in your room. Complete each challenge for a special prize! It's not always easy solving a challenge the first time. KEEP TRYING until you succed!

Image Name Released
File:Rockerzbulldogavatar.png Bad to the Bone Bulldog June 2012
File:Peacelovemoosiccowavatar.png Peace, Love, Moosic Cow June 2012
File:Rockerzcatavatar.png Punk Princess Cat June 2012
File:Rockerzlionavatar.png Rock and Roar Lion June 2012
 Which Rockerz pet do you like the most?


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