Monday, January 12, 2015

He's Not Who You Thought He Was.

Just when you thought our old rival had changed his ways, his managed to slither back like a vicious cobra.

It all started a couple months ago when I made the new rule where I wouldn't publish ANY Anonymous comment without their username.

Things seemed to be going pretty well after that rule was put into place, and the blog was totally drama-free.

I befriended Taco and a few other friends of his. We got along smoothly and became great buddies.

Several weeks later, I got a certain amount of views, so I decided to host a Fashion Show. Y'all remember the Spooky Fashion Contest? Yup, that's the one!

So I did what I usually did: looked at the comments awaiting moderation, deleting the Anonymous ones without usernames, publishing the ones with usernames, etc.

Then I saw some comments awaiting moderation by people I have NEVER met before.

People with random usernames that I had no clue who the heck they were. And they were Anonymous users, too.

Well, since they had signed their comments off with their usernames, I just assumed they were new readers and published the comments.

As the days went by, more and more comments by strangers started to appear. That's when I got suspicious.

I logged on to Animal Jam and searched up their usernames.

Most of them did exist, but some did not.

Since this was during the voting process of the Fashion Contest, and everyone was voting out a contestant, I didn't count the votes that belonged to the usernames that didn't exist. That way it was fair.

But then I realized something odd about the comments I was receiving.

One, they all were voting out the same person. Two, they all had a similar way of typing that I couldn't quite recognize. Three, none of them had EVER frequently commented on my blog before. How was I supposed to know who they were?

I was so sick of all these random comments, I just put my head down and chose to get rid of all the comments.

I DID keep one comment, though, by someone named janessa8.

They existed, and they were a Member.

I buddied them and told them to meet me at my den.

When Janessa arrived, I asked her if she knew about the Animal Jam Whip.

Her reply?


She had NO idea WHATSOEVER what the AJW was.

That was good information for me, because now I knew that someone was behind this Anonymous-commenting scheme.

Well, take a peek at what comment I got this morning on the contest blog:

If you can't read it, the comment says:

Username: 3puppydog15 Lucky Number: 15

This person was obviously entering a giveaway that SPECIFICALLY READ *CLOSED*. :I

But if you take a look on the right hand side of the comment (where it shows what you registered as)...

... it says TacoCat.

THAT was when I finally knew who was behind this scheme all along.

And for what reason?

To get rares.

I thought he had changed.

In fact, ALL of us thought he had changed.

And yet he plays his dirty tricks once more.

In result to this, I am no longer your friend, Taco.

In addition to that, you have a punishment. Oh, and this also goes for your little puppet Kittens, too.

You will no longer be allowed to participate in ANY form of contest or giveaway.

If you STILL try to sneak past the boundaries, you'll be given a BIGGER punishment which will affect EVERYONE READING THIS BLOG.

If you do this a second (no, fifth, right?) time, I will no longer host contests and giveaways.

When that happens, and hopefully it won't, all you viewers out there lose your privilege of contests.

I'll be sending every prize away to my closest, most honest buddies. That includes spikes, party hats, den Betas, and more.

Good job, Taco!

You achieved your goal of robbing all my contest prizes, so that you can benefit from it. NOT!

And don't deny it. The fact that all you care about is rares is very, very clear.

Thanks for ruining this blog. Thanks for hurting tons of innocent human beings and breaking their hearts.

Thanks. c:


  1. Im confussed, so tacocat has been using multible people to enter contest?

    1. Yes. Fake users. Either they are Taco's alts, or random people he sees in Jamaa that have no idea what the heck the AJW even is.

    2. :OOOOOO who does that!!??

  2. Wow, just wow. I thought he changed. At it was ALL FOR RARES?! Wow Taco, that is just low. All this just for useless pixels that don't really matter. I am disappointed in you, Tacocat.


  3. Naf please don't let the punishment be no more anonymous commenting ability, I'd like to still be able to talk to people.

  4. .......................................................................

    1. Naffy, it's hard to be betrayed by someone you trust, but no matter what, PLEASE don't delete the blog and unbuddy everyone again.

  5. Hey! I see all is well :|.
    He lied for rares? Isn't he supposed to be more older and mature than that? Its embarrassing, being older and yet MUCH less mature than you should. Taco, please don't cause all this drama, its supposed to be a fun friendly blog.

  6. Wow... Honestly you would think a person would've learned their lesson by now! AJ is completely NOT about rares, if TacoCat is reading this, it's about building friendships. Sure, we might like rares and that's okay, but this... This is just unfair to the kids (young and old) who enjoy winning a contest fair and square.


  7. I've only cheesed the contests one way. Kittens conviced me to vote out the same person as her.
    Anything else? DENIED

    1. I understand, but your punishment remains. You have such a horrible, nasty, bad history that I just cannot afford to trust you any longer.

    2. I'd also like to point out this was from OCTOBER? Theoretically LAST YEAR? I think Naffy's just mad ^.^ I have no time for drama.
      Good job Naf!
      You just lost a fried and a reader for making drama about and IMPOSTER.

    3. I don't care if I lose a reader, especially if it's you.

  8. Does Kittens really deserve that punishment just because she's a friend of Taco?

    Or did she do something bad I don't know about...?

    -a very confused Balaur

    1. Kittens formed an alliance where all the members of the group voted out the same person. That way, they would each get in the top 3, give or take a few, so that they could get a prize. I know I didn't put it on the list of rules, and I will for future contests. I know I said that it was fine for now, but I just can't handle all the drama that contests cause.

      So, technically, I think I was just plain old mad at the moment and decided to make the punishment eligible for Kittens too, but I'll think about it.


      -a very angry Balaur

      P.S. She DID trick me into voting out certain people in the most recent contest. She didn't bribe me or anything, she just told me to. Because we were friends, I followed along and thought she was doing me a favour. I do hope I didn't do anything wrong, I really didn't mean it.

    3. Not to pry into this, but Kittens is into this scheme?

      - A very confused Sealy

  9. Also, Taco pointed out his Blogger username is The Banana Bro, not TacoCat.

    It could be an imposter, perhaps, or the real thing...


    1. I honestly think it could be either one.

      But, if it were an impostor, I'm pretty sure I have a good idea of who it is.

  10. T-Taco is at it....
    Taco, I once, ONCE- HEAR ME OUT- ONCCCEEEE trusted you. The first time I met you, I thought you were suspisious, but nope. since Nafi trusted you dearly, and plenty of others did too, I thought that I'd trust you. Way to go Taco. You broke the trust. Trust is easy to break, but hard to regain. Once I read they title on this post, I KNEW-KNEW-HEAR ME O- *I get slapped* Ok, chill your whiz. But I KNEW that it was about Taco. The second time you did this Taco, I didn't bother to do anything. Why? I never did care. Same as the THIRD time. But then you later did it again. I forgot when it was exactly, but making up the whole Lilacpetal thing, and Kosho? I really thought you were Lilac. I was so excited, but you lied. One of my AJ dreams was to meet 1-just 1- famous jammer. Yeah, I've did that. An amazing friend, a half-famous, once amazing daily-posting blogger, named Feelers. She's a better friend than Taco could ever amount to. Now your doing it again. Scamming? Yup, dats what I sayz. You be scammin', Taco. Scam bad! Scam bad!
    Taco, I, for one, do NOT trust you.
    I do NOT approve of what you've done.
    I do NOT want to ever talk to you again.
    And I especially do NOT like the way Kittens was added on. Was she your puppet, Taco? Or were you luring her into some kind of "mind-trap" where you could make her help you scam?
    Just an idea.
    Taco, I'm with Nafi here. And her true friends. And, Taco, I've got some questions.
    What did we ever do to you?
    Did we somehow boost your hunger for rares and fame?
    What happened to our long-lasting friendship?
    What did NAFI ever do to you???
    Nafi doesn't deserve things like this. She is nice, kind, and the most amazing blogger I've met. Sure, Feelers was amazing, but she sadly quit. The Animal Jam Sky Blog, run by Scooter, as his nickname, was amazing too. Posting daily, early in the mornings, but he quit. Nafi, you may not post daily, but I respect that. And by the sound of it, you might be going through a lot more than anyone can understand. Super sorry if this might be the longest comment you've ever read, but Taco....
    What have you done?


    1. I swear I will never eat a taco again (THAT'LL PROBABLY BE EASY CAUSE I DON'T EVEN LIKE TACOS)

    2. Ok, I know I said this long ago, but still, I will admit:
      I. Have. Scammed.
      Yes. I have. But once. And I felt extremely guilty for it. (for some reason I'm thinking of Teen Titans where Raven and Slade are alone and Slade has to... err, nvm ^^)
      Anyway, I tried to find the jammer later on, but never did. But this was like, back in........
      2014 in Spring. So yes, I scammed. But now I try to prevent scamming, because I know its wrong.
      I'm not like Taco, that is for sure.

      -Fam <3
      p.s. ik I put a heart next to fam. I'm used to typing my nickname "Raven" on CS and adding a heart now XD So that's me ^^
      No imposter :P XD
      Now, enjoy le day.

  11. Wow! I had thought Taco had changed. I trusted him. Well apparently he hasn't changed

    Also, I know that kittens is taco's buddy, but why can't she enter contests? No offense, just wanted to know because if she hasn't done anything wrong, then I think she should be allowed. But if you have a good reason, that's fine. :)

    I probably missed something from the story.

    1. She did a little form of cheating which kind of broke the specific ground rule "only one entry per person". But I'll think about whether or not I should keep the punishment. In fact, if anyone bothers to cheat again, I may just remove contests, even if it isn't Taco's fault.

    2. No contests! Ever again? WOW TACO YOUVE REALLY DONE IT THIS TIME!!! The point of contests is to have fun not get rares like you've thought if there's no contests then that means taking away the fun of a blog! :(

  12. At first when Taco said he changed, I didn't believe so. But since then, he started being nicer. Then I thought he really change. But no, he didn't actually change at all. :/

  13. wow! (ok ya this is the 1st time i have hard of tacocat) That is mean. NAFFY IS THE NICEST PERSON ON EARTH DO NOT EVER DO THIS TO NAFFY AGAIN!!! Naffy, i'm really really sorry about all this.

  14. Wow..
    And I trusted him with so much.

    This will take awhile to process.

  15. Im so sorry nafi! I miss you! Sorry i haven't been on lately :(
    Ugh Taco is at it again -.-

    Can this day get ANY worse??

    - <3 Rascal <3 (Rascalcat)

  16. That isn't me I'm clearly the banana bro not tacocat.
    I have 200 subs I'm bound to have haters and imposters.

    1. Actually, this happened for the winter themed fashion show top AND the giveaway. F you want this to stop, someone needs to confess NOW.

  17. Perhaps we can have contests WITHOUT prizes, so people just trying to get rares will not cheat or anything? It will still be super fun!

  18. Wow. Even when I scammed, I never did anything this bad. Hopefully whoever did it will fess up quickly. Hope you become less stressed with everything Naffy... Best wishes to you!
    - Sealy
    P.s Maybe we could start something where we spy on suspicious Jammers?


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