Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friendship Hideouts

Hi everyone! Today is another update day . . . with barely any updates! Yippee! c:

Just kidding, there's a few new things to look at. :P

First, let's start off with the front page:


Is that what I think it is!? Another Adventure!?


Seriously, when I first looked at the update this morning, I thought that Greely's Hideout was the next Adventure. I mean, I've been waiting forever for the story to be continued. Haven't we all?

Now I realize that Greely's Hideout is actually a den, which is okay. And where it is sold?

The Diamond Shop.

But I have to admit, it looks pretty cool!

Anyway .  . .

Aww, some adorable Friendship Armor! That bunny is super cute. <3 Pick up this armor set at . . .

. . . the Diamond Shop. :/

On the bright side, the Friendship Festival will be arriving soon, and that means the Friendship Party will be returning as well.

AJHQ must really love pandas. They adopted one at San Diego Zoo. Oh, how I love the memories of San Diego Zoo! ^.^

It has now been confirmed that owls are the new animal!

But that video up there? It's kind of weird. o.e

I like the previous videos much, much better, especially "Oh Deer". Out On a Limb is . . . strange . . .

Meanwhile, be sure to watch a more delightful video, a Sketch Jam of Mira!

So, I guess we'll be seeing the new den item set in two weeks. :)

In an addition to this update, there are some new Jam-A-Grams for you to send!

I like the hummingbird JAG the best, because they're sitting on a cherry blossom tree branch. Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous! Who agrees?

I leave you with a funny Olaf picture I made the other day. xD

Well, that's the Whip!


  1. I love the new den but I'm sad it's member. (Like always)

  2. Heh heh, Olaf. I really like the new armour set. I think it's cool.


  3. I thgouht the video was funny at the end

  4. I don't really like the new den. In my opinion, the sky kingdom is better then greely's hideout. The armor is a bit odd, so I don't think I will be getting it. -sigh- I can't wait for people to be asking me to be their valentine's! Not. :I
    And I think the video is cute and funny. I don't know why people think it's weird... it has a funny ending XD
    And I love the new jam a grams, especially the hummingbird one. I give this update a 8.9 out of 10 :D

    1. Yeah, it's probably just me and my unusual thoughts and understandings of Animal Jam. o3o

    2. People asking to be your valentine is SO WEIRD. WE ARE TOO YOUNG FOR THAT KIND OF STUFF!!!!

  5. Before yesterday (wednesday) someone broke into our house and stole my mom's macbook, my dad's laptop, some money (like around 900€) and other stuff :)
    Yay :)
    *starts screaming and breaks a bunch of stuff*
    *cries desperately twt*
    Check my da for more info im too lazy to type it all T^T

  6. I thought it was a new adventure too XD

  7. Out On A Limb was one of the most disturbing and terrifying things I have ever seen in my entire lifetime


    1. Why? I think it's cute and funny..

    2. Well, the part where they twist their heads and stuff is weird but the rest is cute and funny

  8. Do you know anything about someone with the username ElectricDreams? They randomly came to my den saying "nice helmet"
    They seem suspicious to me

    1. Which helmet were you wearing? If it was that glitched helmet she might be a hacker...

    2. Lesson learned: Never talk to the random people that go to your den just to talk about rares
      I was talking to someone, they posted a picture of me saying "wow she has halmit rurz man" on instagram and as soona s I logged back in I had 16 jam a grams

      I bet I'll get hacked again soon


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