Friday, January 2, 2015

Ski Slime

Hey everybody! How was your New Year's?

Well, now that it's officially January, there are no more daily gifts. :c Oh well.

Today's new item is a Pet Ski Jump!

Aww, look at the cute little penguin! This item is animated, so the penguin skis down the slope and comes back up again on the ski lift. Hehe. :3

There is also an additional item: the Carnation Bouquet!

And now...

... for the big moment!

The votes have been counted, and it appears that Fabulous is our 1st place winner!


You will be sent your prizes from Crestedclaw ASAP, along with Snowflake's and Miss's.

Thanks for entering! There will be a new contest up soon about guessing my animals. It'll be fun! :D

Also, there's a new Followers gadget on the side of blog that I finally managed to put up after all these years. xD

I think this is one of the grossest things on Animal Jam. Look:

Yuck! Polar bears are cute, but not when slimy mucus is dripping out of their nostril! >-<

One more thing before I close the post...

This a short Flipagram of 2013, not 2014. I'll upload the 2014 video later, but for now you guys can just watch this one. e3e

That's the Whip!

1 comment:

  1. cute video :3 and the polar bear is odd o,o


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