Saturday, January 17, 2015

Party Reminder

The party is today if you feel like coming. I've been playing Disney Infinity a lot these past few days, and I honestly think it's better than Animal Jam. So much to create, so much to do . . . ^.^

The only problem is my siblings keep hogging the Xbox, so I barely ever get to have a turn. -.-

Anyway, come to my den in less than 2 hours! c:

Also, be sure to check the Howls page, because there's a new prompt for next week. Speaking of next week, I don't have school on Monday! Yippee!


  1. It's my Birthday and avalanche25000's! Maybe we could mix the party?-cyacheer

  2. I missed it ;w; Is there such thing as seconds? For parties? Like for those who missed it ;w; -Girlslovekittens <3

  3. I forgot that it was today!!! Oh well :(

  4. Aww I missed it. -Popy2750


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