Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Delivery

Hello! :) I was surprised to see another when I logged on this afternoon.

Actually, it's not even a full update, but that's quite understandable because it's only been a week since the last one. Regular updates come every two weeks.

Anyway, the only real thing that's an "update" is the new Adventure "Special Delivery".

When you first begin, an employee of the Jamaa Postal Service or whatever hands you 30 Valentines to deliver out to the houses.

Guess who the employee is?

Rose, an OWL!

Aww! Owls are so cute and chubby.

Moving on now.

The first trip you'll make around the block is pretty easy, but it gets harder and harder. I have to say, the prizes are totally worth it! They're so awesome! ^.^ They consist of Chocolate Mira Statues, Heart Lava Lamps, 

The map is in the shape of a heart, by the way. <3

Well, that's all for today! Buh bye.


  1. I agree. The prizes are awesome! :3


  2. Rosy's eyes looked extremely derpy in the screenshot of her I took. :3

    Yay c:

  3. I still don't understand why they could not bring the owls out with it >,<

  4. Owls will be the new diamond shop animal
    (Why isnt there a levi avatar i would come back to aj in a fraction of a sec)

    1. You have to watch anime
      You just have to
      (If you like hunger games youll love mirai nikki)

    2. Okay. My theory for this AJ avatar Levi from AOT will be like this.:

      Sit: He, um, sits. (#creativitysweg)
      Dance: Just look at Mythyyy's profile picture here. ^^ ( OR he dances as he cleans everything cuz he's a clean freak).
      Play: A hideous 10+ meter Titan appears, and Levi kills it violently with his epically dangerous weapons and awesomeness.
      Sleep: He, um, sleeps- pretending he's killing millions of Titans in his sleep.

      Fabu. =D

    3. When he sleeps its with me cause were married and married ppl sleep together

  5. You can do the adventure with an eagle! It makes it soooooooooo much easier. Also I don't have school today!-cyacheer

  6. Naf I just want you to know how much you still running this blog means to me all of my other favorite bloggers either quit of dont post and your the last one left. If you quit I wont have any bloggers left but I'm not going to pressure you to stay blogging if/when you dont want to. Im just glad you here.



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