Monday, January 26, 2015

Friendship Party: Same-o, Same-o

The Friendship Party looks a lot like last year's.

Same theme: in a princess den, with pink and red roses and hearts scattered everywhere.

Even the same people fighting over the "chairs of royalty".

 . . . 

There IS something new, though, and that's the pile of Valentine's Day cards, a new item to the shop.

If only I found a box of chocolates and a stack of cards waiting for me in my locker on Valentine's Day. BUT I WON'T, 'cause this year Valentine's Day is on a Saturday. Yippee. e3e


  1. You still might find some waiting on Friday! Unless your school is like mkine and you get a mid-winter break that week. YOU JUST HAD A TWO WEEK LONG BREAK! WHY DO YOU NEDD ANOTHER? Not that I'm AGAINST having a break. Last year there were like 20 valentine's day cards jammed into my locker (four of them were from the same person XD)

    1. Hopefully none is in my locker. (I will allow my friends give me one of course XD)

  2. Whenever I click the shop it says I have 0 gems and no items show up its really weird and annoying...


  3. Darn, I wish they made the party a little different this year...


  4. The card item is pretty cool!

  5. I hope you don't mind but I gave you some free advertising and put a link to this post in my post because I didn't have a picture of party shop pls dont yell at me
    (I didn't want to use your picture without asking)

  6. The party is same, but the items are cooler than those from last year! Can't wait to visit it! Btw nice template ^-^

  7. Ahahahhahahhahah i never got anything for valentines lololol
    Except for once this guy i never talked to came up to me and was all like i love you lets go out together
    I was like whaaaaat...?
    I wanted to say no but i said yes cause saying no would be mean
    I didnt spend much time with him
    After a month i was like hey youre annoying and yeah
    It was a boring experience

  8. Hi u rock I love ur blog :-) :-)~ crazygirl49984


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