Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blogger How-To #1: Blog Radio Station


My friend asked me how I made a blog radio station.

It's simple and free. Go to to set up and customize a playlist for your blog's radio station.

You can change the color of the radio, choose which songs you want to play by using links from YouTube or Soundcloud, and adjust the settings.

Once you're finished, click "Done", and it will give you an HTML code. Copy and paste the code into a HTML/JavaScript gadget, and you're ready!

I must warn you. When you have a blog radio station, it takes longer for your blog to load. That's why the AJW is laggy most of time.

I hope this helped! :)


  1. Heh, heh, heh. I might have too many songs on mine. >XD

    I just realized that I'm commenting a lot on your blog. Heh. :P

  2. I've a.wasy wanted to know how u do that!

  3. This was a very helpful tutorial, Naffy! Very well written! ^.^

  4. Today is the super bowl!! and that's a very helpful post :)

  5. Everything about today sucks for me. :U Not trying to be dramatic or get attention, but I really just need a hug.

    1. Mhmm. Today's pretty much sucks for me, too. School, weather, my sister now in a 3-way car accident.... Ya, Mondays suck. :(
      |Why am I even commenting this lel?|
      Feel better.

    2. Oh yeah. When I came home from school this afternoon, my parents were yelling about insurance papers and stuff. And they said there was this 3-way car accident. And they (my parents) were so worried that it made me scared. But then later on I learned the insurance is just for the car (which is now pretty much a broken rear end bumper), and then the police was involved, and that my sister is totally fine. o-o Geez, my parents overreacted. Because her phone almost died too, I guess. Today is so hectic. 0.0
      In other words, my sister is basically fine. But the car is basically broken. lel Now my sis is annoying me as I'm finishing my homework for tomorrow. o.e

  6. Naffy, you have any song URLs I could use? Because I don't have ANY


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