Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Play Wild Beta App Leaked Photos

Hi! I have some outstanding news. An Animal Jam blogger named Mimi5000 is a Beta Tester of the newest app Play Wild, and on her blog she posted some pictures of what the game is like! All photos belong to her. ^.^

Customization Screen

Choosing Your Animal

Jamaa Journal

Jamaa Township

Mira Statue

Jam Mart Clothing

Clothing Catalog

Club Geoz


World Map

Coral Canyons

Falling Phantoms

Pretty cool, right? Thanks for taking those pictures, Mimi! :D

Also, don't forget to submit a howl. They are due by the end of today, but I might extend it because not very many people have submitted one. In fact, no one has. :c



  1. that's so cool! and i will try to submit a howl now :)

  2. Itll be interesting to see if the tiara comes in the beta colors.

    1. They do have the beta wallpaper with the palm trees.

    2. I forgot what it was called. I think it's called the pink forest wallpaper but I'm not sure.

    3. I'm a Beta Tester for Play Wild ^-^

  3. That's awesome! I might get it. (I have an Android tablet.)


  4. I wanna beta test but I don't have an android. But my brother has a thing on. His laptop so u can get android stuff but he won't let me get the app with the thing he has cause he says there's no point! When it comes out it better be for ios to because I will cry my heart out if it's not cause I've been waiting for this app Since forever and now if it not For iOS all my excitement will be like I was excited for no point

  5. I became a tester too. I have to say, I think it's better than AJ. Everyone is so friendly and there isn't any scammers. They haven't added a membership to it yet but I'm sure they will soon.

    1. Yeah, probably after they release it fully. That's nice there aren't any scammers. Is there even a trading system? Cause without the trading system there ain't no scammers.

    2. Not yet but they will add one soon. Hopefully even if they do, there will be no scammers.

    3. Wait is the app free? Because I have no idea... O,O


    4. I hope people still like AJ :( I never really liked animal jam tablet games... Anyhoo, I hope people will still play AJ :C

    5. I think it's free but I'm not sure. Right now, the only people who can play are the Beta Testers. I have a Kindle Fire, which is an Android, but I'm too lazy to sign up anyway. x3 I'll get it when it's released for everyone, probably.

    6. @RM21
      Tbh animaljam's incredibly boring
      It amazes me how a really cute game became a OMG TT MEEE and TRADING A FOUNDER FOR 100000000 SPIKES ITS FAIR!!!11!1!!1!! game
      I still feel kinda guilty for leaving aj but not quitting would be a burden

  6. I love those graphics. They look SO cool! I love the den and Club Geoz. So cool!

  7. Yay! Thanks for posting my pics! I hope they're helpful! And, wow... I couldn't imagine that such a big blog would post my pics!
    -Mimi ^-^

  8. My user is Wolfiedrago and my wolf's name is Sergeant Shiverbelle oh and I like the PC version better but well at least I could play on my phone :)

  9. Hey my user is russ123abc and i am a Play Wild BETA tester and also a regular aj BETA tester i got hacked so im poor!:(

  10. Bro, this is so cool! I wish I knew how to become a beta tester, if I did, I would totally try to become one. >o< If I can't find out how to do that, I suppose I'll just wait for the public release.

  11. i got the game my user is azteca i will be on by wens day probably

  12. All of these photos are real :)
    Beta testing on at wild beta is really fun!
    I'm sorry to say that I do not have the link to become one but be sure to check it out on YouTube!

  13. Hey Naffy! I'm a beta tester too. Want some photos?

    - cerval

  14. i was a beta tester i got all the colour spikes! but now everything is gone ;(


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