Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unreleased Colors of Released Items

Did you know that in some of Animal Jam's art, there are unreleased color variants of released items?

For example, take a look at this picture.

(Sorry about the stupid quality of the screenshot. :T)

As you can see, the Princess Necklace above is similar to the one in stores:

The pearls on the released color are a more pale pink than the unreleased color, and the gems are magenta and purple rather than fuschia and ice blue.

I also think that the sword in the picture with the unreleased necklace is unreleased, too. *checks stores* Yep, it is!

Now look at this picture:

See? You won't find a fire red necklace with a dark purple gem in Jam Mart Clothing, will you?

I'm pretty sure that those wings and spartan helmets are unreleased as well. Oh, can you imagine how wonderful it would be if AJHQ decided to make items more bright and fun colors instead of dull and boring colors? I mean, nowadays most new items come in dark colors that are just... ick. >_<

That's it for today! Bye! :p


  1. Cool! i never noticed that ^,^

  2. Dear AJHQ,
    Stop with the lies. These are all LIES!!! :O (the unreleased colored items)
    'K, thanks. owo

    *listens to "These are the Lies" as types comments c:*

  3. I agree with you, Nafi. They should make HAPPIER colors instead of dark, depressing colors.


  4. I has the pink necklace


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