Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reasons to Quit

Hey Jammers!

Today I was in Coral Canyons and I saw someone crying because they lost their Membership.

I walked over to them and asked, "What are you going to about it?"

They replied, "I will quit AJ once and for all!"

Of course, I just rolled my eyes and left.

I bet you're wondering what today's post is about. Well, that little story up there explains the majority of it.

We're going to talk about good reasons to quit and bad reasons to quit! Yay! ^.^

This post is not mean to encourage anyone to quit. That's just silly.

But, if you're ever thinking about quitting, this post may help you.


1. Age

Animal Jam is already addicting enough, and it can be hard to pull away. But let's stop and think about it. Imagine in 30 years from now, you're still playing AJ with all your friends and stuff. When you get out into the world and start applying for jobs, people are going to ask you what you like to do, people who you've worked for as references, and all these complicated questions. If you've just sat and clicked a mouse your whole life, how well are the chances of you getting that job?

2. Boredom

Everyone gets a little bored from time to time, especially me. Eventually, as people grow older, they get interested into other things rather than computer games like Animal Jam. I know it doesn't sound like it now, but once you're fifteen, you're just going to shut that computer down for good.

3. Busyness

Yes, it's a real word! As you progress in life and start attending Middle and High School, a lot of homework and projects are going to be on your hands. This is probably the best time to quit Animal Jam. It's time to move on. You're so busy that you don't even have a spare minute to log on your account. Trust me.

4. Extra-Curricular Activities

And we can't forget activities that are extra-curricular! While some of us may play the trombone and others soccer, if you want to get really good at a sport or instrument, you have to practice. Practicing takes up time, and so does Animal Jam. But is playing AJ really a talent that could be useful to you? Not exactly.

5. Health

Is playing five-six hours of Animal Jam a day really worth it? Don't you ever get sick of staring at a screen that long? We all know that two-three hours of electronics a day is good enough. Instead, go play outside! Get some fresh air. Do something different. It will make your body happy, and the people around you as well.


1. Loss of Membership

This is just plain silly. Even when you're a Non-Member, you can still have fun while you play AJ! You can talk with your buddies, go on a few Adventures, buy a few things here and there, etc.

2. Scammed/Hacked

"waahhh i was scammed on my rurz so pls sned me rurz"
"omggg i was hackedddd halp me by sending me rurz!!!"
"sned me rurz now or else i will destroy u"

NO. Getting scammed/hacked on your items is a horrible, poor excuse for quitting. Sure, you might feel let down and sad, but it is worth leaving your friends behind?

I hope you take these reasons into thought and consideration before you ever quit AJ. ^.^



  1. I have seen some people just cry and quit cause they lost there fake aj boy friends o,o

    1. Wow. That's just low. *sigh* Children with their fake AJ boy/girlfriends these days... e.<

    2. Wow that's sad. They don't even know the person in real life!

    3. I really don't know if I should quit or not. I have so much good stuff, but I really don't know if I'm bothered. Actually, I kinda just want to see the new jammer's face when I randomly give them all my rares in exchange for a table or something.

  2. Anywho. Great post, Naf!

    When I read the beginning of this, I thought it would be a post full of drama and you quitting or something. (Thank goodness it's not!) o-o

    Always so informative with these types of posts. c:

  3. This was a really informative post. I HATE when people fake 'quitting' to get sympathy or something. And a few of my buddies have sometimes told me that they will quit unless they receive three rare items in three minutes, expecting me to give them three rares. :T RARES ARE NOT LIFE, PEOPLE!!
    I may quit AJ when I lose my membership- not because I don't want to be a non-member, but because it seems like a good time to break off the connection before I become too attached to it again. But I really enjoy AJ still, and unless I get bored of it, I don't expect to be quitting in the next few years. :)

  4. I'm quitting when I am in grade 9. But I will visit my friends so don't worry I still have like 2-3 years left of me with AJS and who knows I probably will visit 1 a month

    1. Last year (in grade 7) aj was already unbelievably boring
      Lets see if you can still be a jammer at 14-15 years old :P

    2. I'm in grade 6 and I'm still not bored of it. Maybe in grade 7 I will get bored. Who knows.

  5. Because ️AJ has been the bestest gme I've ever played and it's the funniest! It's my favourite!

    1. I may have to quit soon because I am going to high school in a few years. That's gonna be fun. :/

    2. I don't know. I can't really make plans for my future yet. XD

  6. Does anyone want to offer for my glitched yeti mask? Reply or jam a gram me your offer for it.

  7. I don't want to quit. I've made a lot of good friends around the world. No matter how busy, I will return to cause chaos!

    I mean...

    To spread rainbows!

    P.S. I got myself a Blogspot account.

    1. Me too. I've made good friends over the years on AJ. When I quit it will probably be hard for me.

  8. But what if you get hacked, scammed, AND lose your membership?

    1. I still wouldn't quit but I'm just that kind of person.

  9. I doubt I stop going on my computer when I'm 15. It's probably just the way I was raised. Ever since I was 5 about at least 1 hour of computer time was encouraged. Doesn't sound healthy but I'm surprisingly very fit and strong. Plus I can't really afford to stop going on my computer. You know how my life really is, computers make sense to me and I can hide there. And I'm kinda good at things on the computer unlike sports.

  10. I think i will quit aj soon I mean aj classic. I play on a Chromebook and i cant get new aj on it plus next year im going to middle school rip my aj you tube channel tho


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