Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hooray! We're finally at 280,000 views, which means we can FINALLY have another party! :D

And, well, a contest, too. But that will have to wait until the tie-off contest is finished. :3

Be expecting an invitation later on in the day. Let's hope school won't interfere with anything we have planned. D:

On a much happier note than dreadful school, I took a little picture of a little hangout which turned into a big "WootMoo Fan Convention." o.o And that is why I left two seconds after I took the picture. xD

Signing out,


  1. That's alot of people o,o

  2. Congrats! I saw WootMoo in Mt Shiveer once. :3

  3. And of course Snowy ignored us as usual. Same with WootMoo and probably other people. That's part of the reason you and Mel are some of my favorite bloggers. You actually talk to fans rather then just collect gift and trade them away later. (No intended offence to Snowy fans I just never really understood liking people who ignore most of their fans)


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