Friday, December 6, 2013

Gingerbread Trains

Hallo! I hope everyone is liking the new deer. It's a shame they aren't for everyone.... :(

Anyway, if you log in today you will receive the Gift Express, which is a fun little train to place in dens!

Wow! Pretty cool!

Now, the returning ITEM today is sold in the Diamond Shop for 2 Diamonds; coming back for the holidays is the used-to-be Monthly Member Gift, the Gingerbread Treehouse! ^.^

Believe me, it's worth the Diamonds.

Also, have you noticed that the Clover Blankets have enlarged? O.o

They used to be all shrunk, like they went through the washing machine or something. And now they've grown!

Hehe, weird.

Alrighty! Goodbye for today. Oh, and QTAngel and MythCat, when can I meet you to give your prizes to you?

Last thing--last day to send stuff for mailtime...if you were counting on it! Send to animalclip. :)


  1. Merp!
    Yesterday da Blog didnt work D:
    *1 hour later*

    Chu can send the items to Damienlippert, its the old user of my friends brother but he quit. He said I can use his account to open gifts and to buy a few NM stuff :)

    Mythy who haz le Sweg~

  2. The Clover Blanket is acting rather weirdly, maybe AJHQ will fix it. Also I sent you something for mailtime. :) - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. ummm nafi....? I found some info on fman122. 1:he was banned forever. 2: he has backup accounts... 3: the virus thing IS true...... -gulps- I saw so many youtube vids about him. Over 2,000 jammers got a virus and he sent someone a gift and that person saw a founders hat. He\she accepted it and still didn't believe the virus. Then his\her computer crashed and her\his account got suspended... not forever, just for 1 day. IK this has nothing to do with this post but... just wanted to let you know..... luckily, if you search his user on any of his accounts, you don't get the virus. Only if you accept a gift.....

  4. nafaria, its me rascalcat.
    jump is already out-- but just for androids so far
    here is the website:
    i will put it in my name so that if u click click my name u will go there
    you should check it out and make a post about it
    its awesome
    its connected to ur aj acc
    check it out


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