Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jumping Wreaths for the Holidays :P

Hi Jammers! I've got a lot to post about today. ^.^ Oh, not boring stuff. Fun stuff!

Anyway, log in today to receive a warm Holiday Sweater!

While some are okay with it, I love it! It's nice how during Jamaalidays Non-Members get to have a chance with things that that Members do, like shoes and shirts.

Along with this fantastic sweater comes the classical Wreath Necklace!

You can actually get these frilly necklaces year-round.

Also, BIG THANKS to rascalcat! She says the new app, JUMP, is available for Androids! This must mean it will be released in who-knows-how-long-but-it's-gotta-be-soon!

Anyway, AJ Jump is a mobile app currently only for Androids, with high-definition 3-D and lots of fun! I can't wait to play it! (I wish they'd make it for Kindle Fire. Kindle Fires rule!)

Here are some screenshots off the website:

Basically you get a kangaroo that you can customize for the game. Then you try to hop to the moon and earn gems while you're at it! There's also kangaroo facts and all sorts of achievements and stuff. :P Also, you can transfer your gems you collect to your real AJ account! Squeak!



Don't forget to hop on the Claw and start earning DEER PLUSHIES!

(from RainbowCat1's den)
Oh, yes, adorable.

To end the post, I'll be fixing up the Graphics page and after that, filming the mailtime. You've all been so generous, gift or not! I am excited for this!

Alrighty, have a jamtastic day! Bye! :)


  1. I love the deer plushies!

  2. 2nd comment i sent you something to animal clip!


  3. Can you open mine last? It's not much, but it's a past Member Gift... Hee, hee, hee...

    Mythy le SWEG ye hear me? SWEG!

  4. it comes with kangaroo pet i got one their so adorable!

  5. Great! Thanks for checking out the website and posting about it , I wanted to get the word out! Anyway, bye!
    ~ rascalcat

  6. Nafaria what account do I send JAGS to again?


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