Monday, December 16, 2013

Bows and Wings go SIZZLE!

Hi Jammers! *yawn*

It's RIM, so this week's RIM is a pair of Member-only, ferocious, Raere Jamaaliday Wings.

Jeez, for that price? :I

What a way to show Jamaaliday Spirit. :P

Yesterday's gift was Holiday Bells, as I've heard. They looked fictional. O.o Today's gift is a Decorative Bow, which you can place in dens!

*picture won't upload*
*picture appears after a few seconds*

Well, look who showed up!

I think this is a pretty good gift. It doesn't look REAL, but that's okay.

Here's a funny screenshot of sizzlerat throwing a tantrum. XD

Sizzle didn't want her picture taken, but I got it anyway. >:D

For those of you who are like, "?" sizzlerat was an AJHQ test account used to test spiked collars, spiked wrists, and the elf tail armor. Pretty cool, right?

This is what she looked like before the account got removed:

So earlier this morning I peered out the window and saw a gigantic sphere of eerie yellow light. What was it? The moon, of course!

My camera was acting strange and wouldn't take a decent picture. But in real life the moon looked amazing!

It was as if dawn never existed while the brilliant light of the wounded ball flashed past the trees and into my blue and green eyes.

Now I'm getting all dramatic and poem-ish. :3

Remember this picture?

Nearly no one guessed what the picture meant, and if you did, you got it wrong.

Keep trying! I'll give you a hint:
Not one being is more equal than another on the fact of their personal belongings.

Figure that out and I'll give you a prize. :)



  1. Just because you're rare doesn't mean you're cool. :3

    Did chu take dat photo from le blog I post for? o3o

    MythCat2907 who doesn't like to sign in and who haz to do le stupid homework right now.

  2. There is a first time for everything . It does not matter who you are where your from how rare you are , it's your personality that matters. Also does the deer represent little Bo perp who lost her sheep. Because in the nursery rhyme she started of with lots of sheep then lost them and got poor but she was still a caring person. It's just a guess

  3. Is the picture a pic of a 1 year olds B-day party?

  4. Your rares don't matter. Everyone is equal. The pillow is next to the beta bubblegum machine.

  5. Was it your birthday, or sometime near your birthday? Or is the picture the day Beta ended...?

    1. i dont think this pic is of the day beta ended concitering that there is a deer...

  6. i know in that picture of sizzlerat is you nafi! and i think it means friends on AJ are better are better than rares!-cyacheer


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