Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jamaaliday Gems and Scarves

Hi Jammers! Today's returning item is the AWESOME Jamaaliday Scarf, found in Jam Mart Clothing.

It's a really festive item for everyone. Some people complain the default color is pink, and I can understand that. Hopefully there's a nice Member out there that will trade you a color of your choice, NMs!

Today's gift was 600 gems, by the way. Not anything really special, except if you're the one who doesn't save up gems....

But a gift is gift! ^.^

Do you guys like making Gingerbread Houses? They're really fun to design! Or eat. :3 I'm making them with my family on Saturday. Fun! :D

That's the Whip! It's very small today. XD

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  1. Herp lerp!
    My computer was SOOO laggy today that I only got the gems D:
    BTW I downloaded Jump and I'm almost at your score! Wooohooo! XD


  2. Yay! Jamaaliday Scarves ce back! I was worried that they wouldn't come back because of the Striped Scarf. O.O

  3. I love the Jamaaliday scarves! They're so perty. XD

  4. Yay my favorite clothing item has returned :D


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