Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greely's Inferno & New Den!

Hi Jammers! *does happy dance* It's update day! When you log in today you will see these pages of the Jamaa Journal (plus some ads and one other useless page that didn't need a screenshot)!

Hooray! This amazing adventure (which I am currently playing is spectacular! You will meet Graham in it, too:

He's pretty cute! :P (Oh, by the way, the secret animal the wolf!)

Whoa! That came outta nowhere. O_O The den is very nice and naturey, and should say!

These are the new items for sale in the Jamaaliday Jam! They are overall very good. Picture from Animal Jam River Blog!

We knew about the reindeer, but the abandoned Treetop Gardens is now in use! All of the animal statues have returned, but a few changes: they have snow and lights on them, and they all came back MEMBER-ONLY! :(

The new item is a Jamaaliday Bow, and the gift is a Marshmallow Chair. Gotta run, mom's mad! Bye!


  1. I love the phantom wearing the santa hat! I never knew that phantoms celebrated Christmas!

  2. What makes the new adventure so fun?


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