Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paw Candy Parties

Merry Jamaaliday Eve, Jammers! Are you excited for tomorrow? I know I am. :3 Heh, who wouldn't be?

Today's returning item is the crunchy Paw Candy!

This item makes a great doorbell. ^.^

Oh, erg...

I'm wearing a size 14 shirt (in pajamas) when I'm supposed to be a size 16, and it's really irritating me! I NEED some pajama shirts! >.<

Random topic there. :P

Let's continue, now.

Here is the second-to-last Jamaaliday gift 2013:

A Candy Cane Tie. Not too bad, it's okay. I'm sad that the gifts won't last ALL December, because in the past they have. 

Here's the 40,000 views party invitation for all you chums. I hope everyone can come!

I will post a contest after Christmas. Happy Holidays!


  1. yay! who isnt exited! merry Christmas happy Hanuka whatever, but have a happy new year o3o

  2. No! I won't be able to make it... D: I'm going to be away on the 28th...! Oh well. :3 Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and.... All the other greetings we people use! :3

    1. Aww...
      Im not sure if Ill still be *where I live* the 28th but Ill see :)
      Cant promise anythin' ...
      Hee hee hee we can sneak up a little party together XD

      MythKitten who ish nut happeh coz le dad did nut get le paypel moneh for le Erctic Welf giftkerd which wash shupposed to be bawght 2day and doonludad 2day.


  3. Yeah, me too... Sorry, nafaria! I wish I could come.

  4. awesome a party! though I'm going to have to get on at 8 in the morning. oh well. guess what? one of my pieces of art was featured in Jammer Central! i got another art plaque!-cyacheer

    1. Cool, my art was featured twice too! Now I have two art plaques O.O It was a really colorful one. So proud... Um, can someone help me? So if the party is at 10:00 in MTD, what time will it be in the... what's it called, eastern time zone? Will it be 9:00? Plus, I don't know of I can make it to the party, my dad/mom might not let me go on the computer. :(
      P.S. nafaria can you buddy me? 'S Kay if you can't. Also airleco, numnum, cloudclaws can you guys bud? Idk, I just want more buddies that can be on when I'm on...

  5. Which one?
    BTW to whoever is reading this and has the app PicCollage, follow meh on whisperedhowls !

    Mythy whose profile picky is so swag.

  6. I meant western time zone. And thanks nafaria!


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