Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gingerbread Gems

We meet again, Jammers! Today's candy-coated item is the returning Gingerbread Garden!

It looks really tasty, but for some reason they're so HUUUUUGE in dens.

I suppose this Candy Cane Crown sneaked its way into stores. :P Well, there it is.

Meanwhile today's gift is....

I assume AJHQ is busy enough to not give us a cool item? :I Tough luck.

*looks out window*

Ooh! The moon looks really pretty. It's almost like it's not real.

This is a pretty moon background for desktops, laptops, or blogs:

I love nature. I want to visit Canada or Alaska and see the Aurora Borealis, or travel to Africa and see those amazing sunsets.

Let's overview the mystery picture:

I loved all your estimations. Some of you got it correct. No matter your items you will remain just as equal as anyone. The deer is sitting by all of the Betas because she never knew that she was rarer than the pixels. Up until now. :3

I will send out a little prize to the ones who got it right. Again your guesses were great!

See you later alligators...!


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