Monday, December 2, 2013

Snowflakes and Gems

Hello Jammers! I'm sure you all got the update, so no need to post that. I logged on today and saw that today's gift is....

300 Gems.

Hey, at least we got something!

On a more exciting note, today's RIM is an epic Rare Snowflake Cape!

I REALLY love this item. Too bad it's not for everyone! :(

I've found a few more graphics for you!

Haha, what good will these do? :P

It's just fun to collect them!

I've been thinking of this whole username situation. I don't think I need to be THIS worried. I'll wait a few more days and we'll see how it goes.

I love all your suggestions, though!

Oh, and the mailtime thing has been decided. Yes, I will be doing yet another mailtime. Please don't send anything yet! It's okay, Camp, I know you sent me something, and that's OKAY. Your gift will be included in the video, don't worry!

Now, I don't have a YouTube account, so the video is going to be on here. I wonder what's it like to have a YouTube account....


Yeah. Bye!


  1. Can someone send me a RIM? My Adobe Flash Player needs to be updated.:T

    1. Sure, what is your username? - xXRobinHoodXx

    2. I'm puppiesluvpancakes!~Savannah Row

  2. Yay! I got...
    *dun dun dun*


    Coz like I didn't use le Ay Jey (AJ litterally pronounced like dat) yet coz me mom want me to play le piano coz I gotta play le new Heller opus 46 no. 16 but I wantz to get 300 gemmies instead D:

    Le Sweg Queeeeeeen

  3. Eep! Mailtime!!!! :D

  4. I changed my profile pickie to match the season :3


  5. Ooops sorry.

    (Hee hee, I do things a head of time sometimes!)

    1. p.s there's a new code: FEAST

  6. hey i have a user name idea! wings of freedom. i like that user a lot and.... it's hard to guess you nafaria9 with that user!-cyacheer

  7. hey... can some one get the rim for me? aj always says my account is under maintenance. and when ever i do get in it's just the swirly sign. thanks!-cyacheer

  8. Yay mail time!!!!!! Oh. and I thought the contest ended today? O.O

  9. Okay, sorry for the late reply.
    So first, people in the past recorded money in their bank accounts on paper. If the added more money(profit) they used black ink. If they lost money, they used red ink. The day after Thanksiving is considered as a transfer into the holiday season. Since everything starts going on sale from the day after, it is called 'Black' Friday because the shoppers make a profit(they save money). And... I think that's it.


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