Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Jamaalidays!

Happy Jamaalidays everyone! LOL, there's these huge presents sitting right next to me. XD Today's item is the returning Giant Candy Cane, along with the last gift-a stunning 1,000 gems (although no gloves ;-;).

Two NM items in a row! That's sweet. :3

Darn, I've got All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey stuck in my head. >.<

So, what did you guys get for Christmas (if you celebrate it)? Or what things did you get for whatever holiday you celebrate? ^.^

I am gonna post what I got later on.

Here's the invitation for the party:

You might have to zoom in your screen to see the letters....

Anyway, please read Afro Fox and Chicken Wolf's blog:

I have written a new installment.

Well, due to the holidays, ciao! And HAPPY JAMAALIDAYS TO ALL!


  1. Hi guys I got a google account and numerous other things to
    Could you please visit my blog I have created it's called animal jam tingle

  2. merry christmas! what did everybody get? i got a Ipad mini!-cyacheer

    1. You guys got really lucky!

      I got quite a few things, such as Webkinz and stuff for my new room! :D

  3. I got some American Girl stuff, and the book of Robin Hood. :) Happy Jamaaliday Day, or Merry Christmas! Wait, "Jamaaliday Day" doesn't sound right... :P

    1. X3

      I will get Arctic Wolf soon enough, I got the last book of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, a bunch of belgium/french comic books, will get a new piano that will be delivered coz my old one has like 13 broken keys (all in a row...!) and lots of clothes :)


  4. im actually EST, what time would the party start fro me?
    P.S. Merry christmas :)

  5. GRRRR. Soooo many people are playing animal jam on Christmas.
    Animal jam crashed! Oh well, at least I have like a gazillion gifts to play with.- cyacheer

  6. Merry christmas , its the season to be jolly jammers
    I really hoped you enjoyed the day


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