Thursday, December 26, 2013


Today I met a Jammer named King. (King is his username.) He seems kind of mysterious and suspicious to me. He asked what rares I had and I told him, "Oh, just a few good things, nothing big." I didn't want any hacking possibilities. Do any of you know this person?


  1. i think king is a hacker or a scammer, because when i searched him he only had 9 achievements yet he has ice armor and a LONG black spike collar

  2. His den is locked, and he has 9 achievements, 1 pet, 4 animals and his trade list currently has:
    Long spike (Rare MMG version, black)
    Grey or black Pigtails
    Creamish yellow Pigtails.
    Scamming could happen, add to the list to be safe.
    REMEMBER JAMMERS! King could hack, so NEVER tell him about your good rares/betas/ALL monthly member gifts (MMG)

    1. Whoops! He has 5 animals! I made a typo.

    2. He also has a red worn!!

  3. O.O
    Yeah... I'll watch out for him, definitley!

  4. Maybe he's someone's 2nd account, but I don't know about him having membership.....

  5. :: Interview with 5 people
    Me: Do you a person called King?
    Other jammer: Yes
    Me: Does he hack?
    Other jammer: No
    Me: Does he scam?
    Other jammer: Yes
    Me: Did he scam you?
    Other jammer: No
    Me: Then how do you know?
    Other jammer: My friend lost his red worn, rare medusa mask (And one thing i don't remember)
    Me: Thx 4 telling me

    Me: Do you know a person called king?
    Other jammer: no
    Me: ok

    Me: Do you know a person called King?
    Other jammer: Ya so?
    Me: Does he hack
    Other jammer: Why should i tell you
    Me: Because it will be helpful
    Other jammer: Hes my buddy
    Other jammer: Maybe.
    Me: How rare is he?
    Other jammer: Rarer than you
    Other jammer left.

    This other jammer is Suspicious he might hack.
    Me: Do you know a person named King?
    Other jammer: Yes
    Me: Does he hack?
    Other jammer: He hacked a founder today and 4 worns
    Me: Does he scam?
    Other jammer: The worst I ever seen
    Me: Did he scam you?
    Other jammer: No because hes afraid of me.
    Suspicious me: Are you a storage account?
    Other jammer: No
    Me: Ok thank you

    This final jammer is just wrong

    Me: Do you know a jammer named king?
    Other jammer: hes nice and hes rare
    Me: ok does he scam or hack?
    Other jammer: No
    (He said bad stuff.)
    I found out that King might be a hacker. I am going to interview him.
    I know how to track people down. I met wootmoo that way.
    If the person is on click his trade list or the games button. If it says This jammer is in a different world click go. You will go to where he is.

    1. O.O
      So King is a hacker/scammer, or both....

    2. Thank you for collecting that information, Sky! It was very interesting and helpful, yet freaky. :P

      Please interview him! Nobody wants another hacker on the loose. >.< Or scammer.

  6. Omg he's my freaking buddy -tunneltown288

  7. When I sent a buddy request it said he was new jammer and he was whering a founders!!! :O

  8. Since he may be able to hack is it possible that he might have been that person who invented a new way to hack?

    You can read more on kinyonga's blog..

    ~A monster that hides in your fruit loops


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