Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mailtime :)


  1. nafaria, i forgot to send earlier, so i sent to animalclip a few minutes ago. sorry :(
    i guess it can wait till next time.........
    sent at 1:25 pm west coast time
    chow, rascalcat


    1. That's okay! :3
      I can't wait to see your gift, I bet it's amazing.

  2. lol your welcome :3

  3. =3
    Happy chu like it, BRO.
    Lolz! I actually wanted to trade but I got bored of trading my Glove when everyone said "add party hat" "add beta fountain" and stuff so I gave it to chu o3o


  4. nafaria, will you do another mailtime soon?

  5. Replies
    1. Sure! If I get 50,000 views I will hold a MEGA giveaway. Also, you can donate prizes for more contests! :)


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