Monday, December 9, 2013

Inflatable Top Hats

*stretches* Aah, good morning Jammers! (If you're in the U.S....nah, I really don't care about the time zones right now. :P) Erg, I have this song stuck in my head....

Anyway, go ahead and log in today and receive a super cute Inflatable Snowman!

He rocks back in forth in your den. He's VERY festive! Well, he or she, I mean.

Oh, and Members, don't forget to stop by and purchase a cool Jamaaliday Top Hat today only!

Now all they need is a Jamaaliday Glove (requested by edwingrim2).

I totally agree. :3

Here's a few more graphics I've extracted!

Nice, if I do say so myself.... XD

Yesterday's gift was a diamond. Did you notice how the gift box was sparkling? There are some others that sparkle, too, and I think those will also be diamonds. Possibly the quantity of the diamonds will raise? I dunno.

Anyway, that's just my theory.

Lastly I have decided on a look for my deer...

I nicknamed her Jingle Shoes. ^.^

Or Jingle Bells.

Okay, I'm tired of typing. That's the Whip!


  1. Awwww!
    Dat Snow(wo)man ish soo adorable :3 I love the Top Hat, BTW. Supah Pwetty! :D


  2. I don't really like the top hat...
    Nor the snowman...
    Oh well. :3

  3. Thanks for using my idea on the blog! ^.^
    And nice deer! I like the green tiara. :3

  4. I love your deer's nickname!!!! Jingle Shoes! Awesome. :3


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