Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little, Random Things and Secrets of Jamaa

I have been looking at other blogs lately and I have found some very interesting facts!

1. Zios is part of the Inca culture!


Yes, this is absolutely TRUE! I think. *blinks*

Have you heard of Inca mythology? Incans are members of the tribes of the ancient Peru culture, Inca. Go ahead and search up images of the Inca god Viracocha. You'll see a picture like this:

Now who in heck has a face like that? None other than Zios, of course!

2. You can change the temperature of your hot cocoa from the Hot Cocoa Machine!

This is true AGAIN! :3

Let's take a trip to the Hot Cocoa Hut!

Okay, so I've chosen my cup and its color. Now when you get to the flavor of the hot chocolate, lookie:

See that lever down there?

Click it to change the temperature of your cocoa! Remember, green is cold, yellow is warm, and red is hot.

You can tell the difference is by looking at the steam coming from your hot chocolate. Experiment...and eat! ^.^

More coming soon.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I never knew that. Your blog uncovers so much stuff!

    1. Yeah, these are fantastic facts!
      Thanks for the compliment! :D

  2. O.O
    Wow! Awesome! Tomorrow I'll be drinking cold hot cocoa! XD

  3. -acts arrogant-
    I knew about the Cocoa thing. And that's why Zios reminded me of something.

    -acts normal-
    I knew about da Cocoa thingy. Wow... I can't believe I never noticed that when I flip over our Inca, Maya and Aztec encyclopedia at least 1 time per week!


  4. I know the similarity and difference of Viracocha and Zios. Similarity:

    ● Zios is a type of bird
    ● Viracocha is not a bird?

    And these are their similarities:

    ● Viracocha has that mask/face
    ● Zios, too has that mask/face

    And about that Hot Cocoa-temperature-thing, you're so... WOW!



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